Poker Tips for Beginners

I’ve you’ve just recently started playing poker, then you’ve most likely heard some words or phrases you can’t yet comprehend. Fear not! There is a learning curve with poker lingo, as there is with any other language out there. Poker players have developed what can only be described as a separate dialect of the English language, and they also used words and phrases specific the poker world.

Let’s take the word “paint” for example. In the civilian world it refers to a liquid or aerosol substance used to add color to a surface. In the military it refers to the action of targeting or tracking something via radar or other device. But in poker, “paint” is slang for the court cards, or picture cards if you prefer. That’s the kings, queens, and jacks.

Let’s take a moment to examine some other common poker words and phrases, I’ll try and include the most common ones.

“Under the gun.” This is a term used in poker to describe the person who will be first to act in any given round of betting. In Hold’em poker, this describes the person to the left of the “Button”. The button is a small disk that rotates around the table in a clockwise direction. After the completion of each hand the “Button” moves left to the next player. The player with the “Button” acts as the dealer for that hand.

“Bullets”. Again, the meaning of this word in the game of poker is completely different than in the real world. Everyone knows what bullets are, but not everyone knows “Bullets” are a pair of aces. A pair of kings is commonly referred to as “Cowboys”. Queens are called “Ladies”, eights are called “Snowmen”, ect. The list goes on and on.

When one of your fellow poker players finds him or herself without any money at all, I mean completely broke, they may refer to themselves as being “Down to the Felt” or “Felted”. Yet when they find themselves with a nice big stack of chips, they are “Healthy” or “Stacked”.

A “tight” player is one that only chooses to play premium starting hands, and folds often. A “tight” poker player will usually only play a hand they have an above average chance of winning. The opposite of a “tight” player is a “loose” player. These poker players will play almost any hand they are dealt, and usually tend to “bluff” quite a bit. Do I need to explain “bluff”?

The phrases specific to poker you will likely hear most often are, “Bad Beat”, and “On tilt”. Let me make one think crystal clear the latter of these phrases is usually a direct result of the former! If you are the victim of a “Bad beat”, than some other player has been lucky enough to catch the only card or one of the only cards left in the deck that can beat you. They have defied logic, they have scoffed in the face of intelligent play, and they have sprinkled some magic dust and found a miracle to win the hand.

Naturally this upsets you.

So you go “On tilt”. You begin to play irrationally; you take stupid risks with what little chips and dignity you have left. You make dumb plays, questionable decisions, and a slew of boneheaded errors in a futile attempt to regain you former position at the table. In short, you twist yourself into exactly what twisted you.

The moral? Don’t let these two most common poker phrases be the ones that define your game.

Until next time remember: A good player can dodge bad luck, a great player doesn’t have to. Some tips will be provided at the official site will be helpful. There will be no scams at online site to play games at poker tables. The selection of the game should be done effectively to get the right results. The players will get enough opportunities to meet with the need of the players.