Play Sevens And Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes Slots is a widely popular classic online slot game whose playing colors, red, white, and blue, conjure US patriotism for any of you American players!

The game’s layout is similar to the slot machines you find at online casino Joinsini and you have to load the game with coins in order to play. The Sevens and Stripes Slots Machine consist of three reels and one pay line. Although it can be played for free, if using cash you must use betting denominations of ₤0.05, ₤0.25, ₤0.5, ₤1, and ₤5 (depending on the currency). The symbols on the reels of the Sevens and Stripes Slots Games are a red seven, white seven, and blue seven with corresponding red, white and blue bars. Sevens and Stripes feature a cumulative jackpot as you proceed.

Credits are continually added onto the jackpot and accumulate waiting to be grabbed. The current amount of the jackpot is constantly shown on the screen and any player wishing to go for the jackpot in the Sevens and Stripes Slots Games must wager a bet of not less than three coins. Should a player wager the required amount and the reels coincide with a red, white, and blue sevens symbol on the pay line of the reels, the jackpot goes to the player! Sevens and Stripes in an online casino can give the opportunity for a player to win some good money besides the jackpot.

These secondary winnings would require a player to earn the second-highest amount of 5000 credits. If a player places a bet of three coins on the Sevens and Stripes Slots Machine, and the reels coincide with the seven red symbols, you qualify for a win! A player who earns 4800 credits may place a bet of two coins and should the reels coincide with a red, white, and blue seven on the pay line this forms a winning combination on the Sevens and Stripes. The constant opportunity to win some good cash or even the jackpot in online casinos gives an allure to the Sevens and Stripes, keeping many players continually engaged with the game, even whilst new bonus jackpot casino games arise every day.