Las Vegas Gambling Tips Cages And Chips

When going to Las Vegas, or any other land-based casino, you should know the info about the casino chips and cages. Here is some info on both that you should be armed with before you gamble so you will have no problems. Moreover, learning about all this basic stuff will also help you with Interwin88 which is an online casino. 

  • The cage is a term for the cashier at a casino. The casino will only have one area for the cashier located in the casino. Generally, it is a row of windows much like a bank. At the cashier area, you can deal with money, chips, and coins. It is also the area to go to in order to set up a line of credit if you plan to do some significant gambling. By getting the credit you will just have to sign a marker at the table rather than carry a lot of cash on you.

  • The change booths at the casinos are generally smaller booths that are located throughout the casino. In many casinos, the booths will have bars on them, no not the drinking ones, which makes them look like cages. These booths or cages are also the cashiers and they deal with the transactions of coins to cash and vice versa. The cages will not deal with the chips, which is the reason they tend to be located near the slot and video poker machines in the casino.
  • There tend to be 2 attendants that handle the transactions of cash to coins. Roving change attendants tend to be located in the middle of the machine area and they will also give you the plastic buckets for you to hold your change in. The slot and change attendants work around the machine area all day and night at the casinos. You can ask them which are the loose machines and if they give you a good tip remember to tip them if you hit big.
  • The casinos will have their very own house coins. The house coins with be in denominations of $1, $5, and $25, and some casinos will have higher limit coins. The penny, 5 cent, and 25 cent machines will take the U.S. coins. At the cages and booths, you can only exchange the coins for cash. Most machines will take bills in many bill denominations.
  • The chips at casinos will be in denominations of $1, $5, and $100 and can even be more. There are also smaller casinos that will have chips for 25 and 50 cents. You can get the chips at the tables and you can exchange them for money at the cashier section of the casino. However, the Roulette chips work differently, as the chips are color-coded and you must exchange them before you get up to leave the table. When you are done playing just ask the dealer to color up or cash out.
  • Many times casinos will not honor coins or chips that come from another casino. Before leaving a casino to go to another cash out your chips.

  • When you are passing through a casino you can lay down cash bets at the Roulette table, and other tables usually, and you do not have to use chips. If you are going to play for some time you should always use chips.
  • Even though many casinos will use the same color-coded chips do not use them if they are from a different casino.