Las Vegas Casinos and Very Tall Women

Very tall women had me glowering with envy during my recent trip to Las Vegas’ casinos. You could hear them talking about 토토사이트. If you’ve ever been to a Las Vegas casino on the Strip, you know how crowded they are; just throngs and throngs and mobs of people. Even with the current economy, the Las Vegas Strip casinos were pretty full — and that means tons of men in the 6-1 to 6-5 range. And many tall women as well. I’m considered a tall woman at 5-8. But my status as a tall woman is slowly disintegrating, as each decade brings forth taller and taller women on the planet.

Today’s grade school and adolescent girls are taller than ever, which means in 5-10 years, there will be even more tall women; that is, more women over 5-10. This all means that at the Las Vegas casinos, I wasn’t exactly a stand-out tall woman. I was, very unfortunately, only above average. And that STINKS. Yes, there are times when I’m in a crowd of women who top out at 5-4.

But in any popular Las Vegas casino, I’m at the bottom end of tall women, because I spotted quite a few women who had several inches on me. My first day at the Las Vegas casinos, I wore my Mudd boots with their 2 and seven-eighths heel, and a one-inch lift inside the heel, making me nearly six feet! And there were STILL women who were taller than me, and I don’t mean by just a tiny hair, either. It drove me nuts. Here I am, in uncomfortable boots all day long, seeing all these women’s heads higher than mine, and they were wearing sneakers or low-heeled shoes!

Las Vegas’ casinos — observe people of all sizes and girths. My feet became so uncomfortable (I hadn’t worn the boots in a very long time and made the mistake of wearing them out of the blue to the airport, standing for long periods, walking all over the place, standing in lines, etc.), that I had to switch to my sneakers, which have a one-inch lift in them. One woman after another loomed over me.

I had to keep reminding myself that I was taller than most of the women I passed or who passed me at the noisy Las Vegas casinos. But that was no consolation, because in any mob of men, I get dwarfed by them collectively. I’d see clusters of men over six feet tall, and feel so puny as I walked nearby, and fantasized that I was their height — their equal!

Las Vegas’ casinos — check out some outlandish clothes and hairdos of visitors. How could any tall women be self-conscious of their height? How can any tall women hate their height? How can any tall women wish they were shorter or “normal”? Are they mad? What woman in her right mind would prefer to be swallowed up by masses of men looming over them in crowded areas?

I’m happy to report that most of the tall women I saw at Las Vegas casinos were wearing high heels! I’d always check their feet, and was pleased that they were comfortable enough with their statuesque frames to wear the heels. One woman who was strikingly tall had on four-inchers! I spotted her at a casino restaurant and took to staring at the unbelievably long, ultra-thin legs, and a head nearly to the ceiling!

A busgirl noticed me staring and told me that the tall woman was a Sports Illustrated model. The woman must have been an easy 6-1 in stocking feet. She was one of many tall women proudly wearing high heels, including a hooker who towered over a group of fellow hookers. It’s not uncommon for hookers to enter Las Vegas’ Strip casinos at night and ask any well-to-do-looking man if he’d be interested in some company.

I walked right past this high-heeled hooker and I’d say her barefoot height was 5-10. I spotted about five women at various casinos wearing sneakers or loafers, who were easily 6-2. And then there was the flat-heeled woman on the train that transported people around at the airport, standing behind her husband. She was at least 6-2, possibly 6-3, the second tallest of all the people in that section of the train; what an enviable position she had! She also loomed over her 5-8 husband or boyfriend.

So, once again, after visiting Las Vegas casinos, I must proclaim my utter bewilderment over how it is that some tall women hate their height.