Internet Poker is Worth Playing

There is a lot of talk going around about the wonders of Internet casinos, for instance, daftar situs slot, especially the slots. They are good but personally I prefer poker as a pastime. Internet poker is a lot of fun and the play is as realistic as you can get without being in Vegas or Atlantic City. Most of the Internet poker rooms are open to cash and non-cash players. Poker is a game of skill like no other, a lot of people think of poker as a game of chance but it takes real skills to know when to hold or fold. Reading the other players is also a different skill set. You may be wondering how it is possible to read a person you cannot see. It is not only possible but actually easier than reading a face. After a few hands, you get a feel for how the other person bets, and by remembering what they had previously when they took a chance or played it safe gives you a better idea of how to manipulate them in the game.

There are millions of Internet poker players and hundreds of rooms. These are Internet poker players from all over the world. In any given poker room you could be playing against people from Germany, Paris, Istanbul even China. This makes for some interesting chats, as some of the players are also fluent in English. Those who do not seem to follow along just fine as do I when I am playing against players speaking entirely in their language. The real beauty of the Microgaming program is that we each see the room and its components labeled in our native tongue. At least the Internet poker rooms I have visited are that way. The casinos get better with each upgrade. There is only one fault that I can find and that is that playing for real money in the United States is Illegal.

The legality issue seems to stem from the government’s inability to track and tax the winnings from Internet poker rooms. Most of the owners of these sites are from other countries. It will without a doubt be quite sometime before a system is designed to give the government the control it needs to police Internet casinos. They will have to create a whole new agency to keep track of the millions of players and the increasing number of Internet poker rooms. At present, the government has neither the manpower nor the funds for such an undertaking and thus its illegal. Although people know of its illegality there are some that will push the envelope and find ways to register to play for cash. There are ways around any stipulation if you are persistent enough to find it. These players are not very fearful of getting caught for the same reasons that the games are illegal. The chances are slim of getting caught. There is no agency that has been given the task of policing these sites. I heard a rumor that a friend had a relative overseas set his account up from there and he just logs on here and plays. Like I said it’s a rumor. There are advantages to playing for play money, maybe not as much as being able to win a big pot but they are there.

Some Internet poker rooms have what they call “freeroll” or “satellite” tournaments. The host allows the top players from the play money tables to play for a pot or a chance to go play at one of the live poker tournaments. Just recently a young man twenty-one years old won a chance to play in a live televised tournament. I have seen truck drivers from Middle America playing with the pros for a chance to win millions. That is my incentive. Start playing and you will find reasons to keep playing too.