Inside Betonline Poker Review Shared!

Poker room review from our lead instructor (Brokerstar) who plays there.

Why do I play at Betonline? is first and foremost an online sports book that has been running for over ten years with a fantastic reputation in the online gaming business. So I feel comfortable that they have been around a while and are not some fly by night company.

The Betonline poker room is a very recent addition to their online gambling company. Their aim is to simply give their sports book and casino customers more wagering options and so they haven’t joined a huge and established poker network which means that there are far less sharks lurking about.

Betonline also accept American players, which is a huge plus (especially if you play between 11pm – 5am UK time) and best of all as most of their traffic does come directly from their online casino and sports book, the players are always up for a good gamble (sometimes with any two cards).

So what does that mean for new poker players thinking about joining Betonline?

Betonline is a breeding ground for inexperienced and unskilled opponents who love to gamble. It is not uncommon to watch people get all their chips in pre flop with A2 ‘suited’ at stakes of NL50 and NL100 as if it were a freeroll tournament.

In this review I will show you exactly how to find the fish, why players here are so inexperienced and how you can easily get involved. The reviews of online poker site can be checked at for the participation in leagues and tournaments. The players are provided with a better experience while playing the card games. The card games should be played with intelligence and skills to improve the cash rewards at the table. 

Be sure to watch my short video below to get a first hand look at exactly how easy the cash games here are to beat.

Why Are The Other Players At Betonline So Bad At Poker?

The BetOnline poker room is fairly new and therefore quite small but nearly all off the traffic comes from the sports book. It’s not that they are any less intelligent people just uneducated in how to make money playing poker

Also due to the deposit bonus not being as huge as some other rooms, you’ll often find that many of the more skilled players choose to play on other poker sites which leaves this poker site predominantly full of fish.

There are two major ways to quickly spot bad players, let me talk you through them.

The easiest way to establish how soft a table is, is to look at the percentage of players that see the flop (flop%). Most tight tables are 15-23%, loosish tables 24-30%, super soft whale fish tables are over 30%.

Below you can see a screen shot taken some micro stakes games recently and to see higher sake lobbies then just click on the picture and visit the lobby yourself.

The second way to target the fish is at the tables. In cash games, skillful players know to keep their stacks topped up to 100 blinds at all times to make sure they maximize their potential profit on any one hand.

Fish on the other hand can often be found sitting with under 100 blinds in their stack. You want to get these players sat on your right. Below is a typical picture of how easy the fish are to find on this site.

I opened an NL50 table(25c/50c blinds $50 full stack) at and took a screen shot. Then I highlighted the fish as green and even the yellow player, who could be a short stacker is likely a fish too although I couldn’t be 100% certain unless I sat down and played him.

Don’t take my word for it, download the free software and have a look for yourself. If you like how many fishy players you see at the tables then make a deposit and start playing today, before the games get tougher.

There are so many deposit and withdrawal options at Betonline that you really are spoiled for choice. I personally use Moneybookers for all of my depositing and withdrawing although there is a $20 fee for withdrawing using this option, I like it as it’s nice and fast. On average it takes about 2-3 days from requesting a cash out to having the money in my MB account. I also now stake several players at Betonline that also have had no issue quickly getting money on and off of the site (again using moneybookers).