How To Play Poker

Wondering how to play poker? There are exciting variations to the poker game. A person who has not played poker before will surely be confused with these games. But no matter what brand of poker you wish to play, their basic rules will always be the same. Learning how to play poker will go a long way in enjoying this game.

Here are some basics on how to play poker that will be useful in your quest. For starters, have your deck of cards ready.

  • Know and understand the order of your cards in a deck. Obviously, the weakest among these is 2. It goes all the way up to 10, being the strongest. Then the face cards will come into the game. The weakest in the order is the jack; and from here going to the strongest you have the queen, king and ace.
  • Learn about poker hands. The basics are as follows: 1.) a pair is two of the same card, 2.) three of a kind is three same cards in your hand, 3.) the straight refers to five same and consecutive cards, 4.) the flush is five cards at random of the same suit, 5.) the full house is any combination of three cards of the same kind together with a pair, 6.) four of a kind means four same cards, 7.) the straight flush, which is the combination of a straight and a flush, and 8.) the royal flush, it’s a straight flush starting the ace and counting down.
  • Familiarize the order of the winning poker hands. The royal flush is the strongest; and going down in order we have straight flush, four of a kind, full house, the flush, the straight, three of a kind, the two pair, the one pair, and lastly the single highest card in your hand.
  • Learn also how to deal cards in the game of poker. The number of cards you deal depends also on the type of game being played. The procedure will still be the same. Deal from the top of the deck always. Start dealing at your left, go round until it goes back to you. Repeat the process until all the cards are dealt.
  • Also, get to know the basic terms. To “bet” means to risk your money knowing that your poker hand will beat the rest. To “raise” means to bet more than what others had bet. “Check” refers to your move not to bet in your turn. You will also “fold” when you discard your hand because you believe that you will not win with what you have

When learning how to play poker, it would be ideal to start with the simple Five-Card Draw poker. Beginners will feel comfortable with this game than those poker games often seen in the television.

Five-card draw poker is the best option that can be availed big time because the beginners can test out their skills and practice it out at the same time without losing focus so that they can be ready for the big games in the casino while right now Judi Online is what they do for honing and polishing their skills.

And as a friendly advice, don’t play for money until you are already well-practiced. Doing so is simply not good. You will lose all your money even before you can start to win. Practice with your friends and exploit that playing sessions so you can master the rules and eventually learn the strategies so you will win big time! Learning how to play poker will benefit you greatly.