Folding Your Way to Winning Poker

Folding. Giving up the hand. It sounds like a bad way to help your bankroll. However, it’s the action you should be doing the most if you’re a winning player. By folding at the right times, you can maximize your chances and minimize your loses.

I will use Texas Hold ’em as an example game, but a lot of the same advice applies to other games.

Here are some of the best times to fold.

Fold bad hands before the flop.

At an eight person Hold ’em game, you are only forced to put money in on the Small Blind and Big Blind positions. If you have a bad starting hand, fold the cards. There is no need to put any money in on bad cards.

Be patient. Another hand will come along in a minute or so.

Take this down time to watch the other players. Much easier to watch the action and see how the other people play a hand out when you are sitting waiting for the next hand.

A lot of winning players fold 70-80% of their hands before the flop.

Fold when the flop misses you

You were patient and folded all the bad hands. Finally, a good drawing hand comes along. You call or raise as appropriate. The flop comes and misses you completely. You have no pair and no draw. Someone before you bets.

Fold. Save the money. Short of a miracle, you have no chance of winning. Save the chips for another hand. Remember, chips not lost count as much as chips won.

Fold when you are beat

This is trickier. You have top pair and top kicker. There have been bets and raises down to the end. The guy you are sure is chasing the flush has stuck in even though he only has one spade o three on the board. A fourth spade hits and he lights up like a Christmas tree. He leads out with a bet. Dump it.

Sometimes, it’s not so clear. But if you listen to yourself, and trust your instincts, you should learn when to do this.

You will occasionally fold a winner, but you will fold many more losers.

By saving chips you would have thrown away on bad situations, you have them for when the odds are more favorable. And getting you money in with the right odds is a great way to increase your bankroll.

To conclude, folding is one of the best forms of poker that you can have because there are times when giving up your big hands that give you an edge over your opponents that turn the tables at a crucial turning point in the match unlike a bandarq online where you simply have to rely on the artificial players.