Five Card Stud Poker

Dating back to the American Civil War, five card stud poker is the classic version of the game. Although five card stud has lost ground to community poker games like Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em in the last fifty years, it is still a popular game amongst poker purists. While the game is not included in major tournaments like the World Series of Poker, it is offered by the majority of online poker rooms.

How to Play Five Card Stud Poker on

A game of five card stud poker begins when the dealer deals two cards to each player on the table. Each player is dealt one card face down and one card face down. Players are allowed to check the hole or face down card before betting.

The order of play in each round of a five card stud poker game is decided by the strength of the cards showing for each player. In the first round of play, the player with the lowest card value on their face up card is required to place a minimum bet. This brings on the first round of betting.

Following the first round of betting the third card, or third street, is dealt face up to each player by the dealer. The player with the strongest hand bets first, initiating the next round of betting.

This process is repeated for the fourth and fifth cards, if required.

Once the fifth round of betting is completed, the dealer will reveal the hole cards of the players left in the game and compare the players’ hands. The player with the strongest hand is awarded the pot.

Players have four different betting options during each round of betting in a five card stud poker game:

Players may call a bet by staking the same amount of money as the last player to bet. Failure to call results in an automatic forfeit of bets staked and any claim to the pot

A player may also raise the bet during any stage of the betting. To do this the player will call the last bet and then increase the bet by paying more money into the pot, thereby increasing the amount of money the other players need to call to remain in the game.

A player may check the betting if not required to call by a previous player’s wager. This means that a player can choose not to contribute additional money to the pot without forfeiting rights to the pot.

A player can fold at any stage of a betting round by turning all upcards face down and handing them back to the dealer.

Although five card stud poker comes in a variety of formats, it is usually played in a bet limit format that regulates the amount of money that can be staked by each player during each round of betting.

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