CSI Buys Poker Chips from Small Amish Business

In the little Amish community town of Arthur, Illinois, is a small family owned business, Paul and Judy’s Coins and Cards, that has been around since the early 1980s. Paul and Judy’s first opened in 1982, selling coins, and started their business out of their home. In 1990, Paul and Judy’s expanded by selling baseball cards. One of their first popular card sellers that was a nonsport was the Desert Storm series.

Since then, they have expanded into a separate building of their own with a handful of employees that also includes some of their family members as well. Some of the things they have sold are baseball cards, beanie babies, coins, paper money, painted ponies, webkinz, and even poker chips and sets. Paul and Judy’s usually have sold what the most current popular product trends were within their area. They have also sold Amish goods such as buggies, and refrigerators. Most of their current business is done online via their website, and they also do some international business too.

A recent purchase, has put this small family business in the spotlight in it’s hometown area. The popular CBS television show, CSI, purchased customized poker chips from the small business in Arthur to use on their season finale show that aired Thursday night, on May 14th. The show’s storyline centered around these poker chips. One pair of poker chips were used as earrings on the show too. It has been quite an extraordinary purchase for Paul and Judy’s Coins and Cards in such a quaint little town. The business even got a small recognition of this purchase on their area local news show. They have stated that this special purchase has put them on the “poker-selling map.”

The special episode aired on Thursday, May 14th for those who got to see the poker chips that were purchased from the small town business. For those who missed the season finale episode, it can be seen again on the CBS website in their video section with all of their listed popular television shows.

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The business of Paul and Judy’s can be found on line via their website. You can purchase poker chips, coins, paper money, Webkinz, and beanies. Also if you are in their local area, and have coins, beanies, or paper money, sometimes they will purchase those products from you too. If you find that you could be interested in purchasing some customized poker chips for yourself, a friend, or family member, you can visit their online website, to get some poker chips of your own. Perhaps if you see some unique poker chips, they could just have been ordered from this small business in a quiet little town.