Internet Poker is Worth Playing

There is a lot of talk going around about the wonders of Internet casinos, for instance, daftar situs slot, especially the slots. They are good but personally I prefer poker as a pastime. Internet poker is a lot of fun and the play is as realistic as you can get without being in Vegas or Atlantic City. Most of the Internet poker rooms are open to cash and non-cash players. Poker is a game of skill like no other, a lot of people think of poker as a game of chance but it takes real skills to know when to hold or fold. Reading the other players is also a different skill set. You may be wondering how it is possible to read a person you cannot see. It is not only possible but actually easier than reading a face. After a few hands, you get a feel for how the other person bets, and by remembering what they had previously when they took a chance or played it safe gives you a better idea of how to manipulate them in the game.

There are millions of Internet poker players and hundreds of rooms. These are Internet poker players from all over the world. In any given poker room you could be playing against people from Germany, Paris, Istanbul even China. This makes for some interesting chats, as some of the players are also fluent in English. Those who do not seem to follow along just fine as do I when I am playing against players speaking entirely in their language. The real beauty of the Microgaming program is that we each see the room and its components labeled in our native tongue. At least the Internet poker rooms I have visited are that way. The casinos get better with each upgrade. There is only one fault that I can find and that is that playing for real money in the United States is Illegal.

The legality issue seems to stem from the government’s inability to track and tax the winnings from Internet poker rooms. Most of the owners of these sites are from other countries. It will without a doubt be quite sometime before a system is designed to give the government the control it needs to police Internet casinos. They will have to create a whole new agency to keep track of the millions of players and the increasing number of Internet poker rooms. At present, the government has neither the manpower nor the funds for such an undertaking and thus its illegal. Although people know of its illegality there are some that will push the envelope and find ways to register to play for cash. There are ways around any stipulation if you are persistent enough to find it. These players are not very fearful of getting caught for the same reasons that the games are illegal. The chances are slim of getting caught. There is no agency that has been given the task of policing these sites. I heard a rumor that a friend had a relative overseas set his account up from there and he just logs on here and plays. Like I said it’s a rumor. There are advantages to playing for play money, maybe not as much as being able to win a big pot but they are there.

Some Internet poker rooms have what they call “freeroll” or “satellite” tournaments. The host allows the top players from the play money tables to play for a pot or a chance to go play at one of the live poker tournaments. Just recently a young man twenty-one years old won a chance to play in a live televised tournament. I have seen truck drivers from Middle America playing with the pros for a chance to win millions. That is my incentive. Start playing and you will find reasons to keep playing too.

Betfair Poker Private Home Games – What You Need To Know?

Betfair poker launched an own version of private home games. It allows players to set up exclusive games with friends and family. Well, these games are getting popular day by day due to worldwide lockdowns. With the help of betfair poker, players can maintain a connection with their long-distance friends as well as loved ones. A wide range of options are out there, and these games are also easy to set up. Most people are enjoying this new feature and giving positive feedback. 

If you want to know more about these private home games, then you should read the significant details provided in the below post. 

Availability of various formats 

When it comes to Betfair poker, you can get a wide selection of formats to choose from. These formats include rebuys, add-ons, and multi-table tournaments. With the help of private tournaments, you can play with your friends who are living far from your city. But it will help you to feel that you are competing live. During the game, you are allowed to do one video call that helps you see and interact with each other. It can also help to enhance your gambling experience. By taking part in these tournaments, you can earn points and win extra prizes.

Easy to set up 

With the help of, you can take part in several games based on poker to earn money. You can also create an account on Betfair poker to get access to its private games. You just need to send an email by including all the instructions, and then they will set up the game on your behalf. Your home games will get ready within 48 hours. You don’t need to make efforts to set up the games as the process is straightforward. 

Gambling is Up 10% in Most Casinos in the St. Louis Area

Gambling has never held much of an attraction for me. I guess you could say that the thrill of occasional victory isn’t worth the agony of defeat. I used to work at the racetrack. My family and I lived over there one summer when my stepfather got a job training horses there, but even then I watched the races every night, but rarely ever bet on them.

I did develop a system for betting on the horses when I lived at the track. First of all, never bet on the odds on favorite. They don’t pay anything if they win. Instead take the number 2 horse and bet him to place. You also might throw in a long odds horse just in case the number 2 odds horse doesn’t place.

The last time I went to a casino was the brand new one downtown; Lumi√®re Place. A couple of things I noticed was that they don’t have any slot machines that take coins anymore. You have to load up your card and then insert it into a slot on the machine like a credit card. And playing has become a lot more complicated, with all kinds of lines and arrows instead of the straightforward three cherries.

The one-armed bandit has also become a no-armed bandit. The slot machines don’t have the arms anymore. The video poker has also changed. The machines no longer deal you a 5 card hand and it plays a lot like 21 instead of poker.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, “gambling is up 10 percent this past year at casinos in St. Louis. According to the Post, “much of the increase was due to October having five weekends – casino business often spikes in five-weekend months – but it may also reflect the impact of the slowly-improving economy and the removal of Missouri’s $500 loss limit.”

The Post also says that: “Business grew at the region’s three busiest casinos – Ameristar in St. Charles, Harrah’s in Maryland Heights and Lumi√®re Place downtown – while falling at the other three: Argosy Alton, Casino Queen, and the President. In all, casinos brought in $87.4 million in gambling revenue in the month.”

Aside from physical casinos, the rise of poker online gaming activities is also noticeable. According to studies, a lot of players are now starting to play poker at the comfort of their home through online gambling sites. 

And now we are in a huge controversy about building another casino on the riverfront on a stretch of undeveloped property in north St. Louis. The property lies in a flood plain and also in one of the poorest areas of the city. Since people who don’t have a lot of money like to gamble a lot, building at that site is sure to increase gambling, but is this necessarily a good thing?

CSI Buys Poker Chips from Small Amish Business

In the little Amish community town of Arthur, Illinois, is a small family owned business, Paul and Judy’s Coins and Cards, that has been around since the early 1980s. Paul and Judy’s first opened in 1982, selling coins, and started their business out of their home. In 1990, Paul and Judy’s expanded by selling baseball cards. One of their first popular card sellers that was a nonsport was the Desert Storm series.

Since then, they have expanded into a separate building of their own with a handful of employees that also includes some of their family members as well. Some of the things they have sold are baseball cards, beanie babies, coins, paper money, painted ponies, webkinz, and even poker chips and sets. Paul and Judy’s usually have sold what the most current popular product trends were within their area. They have also sold Amish goods such as buggies, and refrigerators. Most of their current business is done online via their website, and they also do some international business too.

A recent purchase, has put this small family business in the spotlight in it’s hometown area. The popular CBS television show, CSI, purchased customized poker chips from the small business in Arthur to use on their season finale show that aired Thursday night, on May 14th. The show’s storyline centered around these poker chips. One pair of poker chips were used as earrings on the show too. It has been quite an extraordinary purchase for Paul and Judy’s Coins and Cards in such a quaint little town. The business even got a small recognition of this purchase on their area local news show. They have stated that this special purchase has put them on the “poker-selling map.”

The special episode aired on Thursday, May 14th for those who got to see the poker chips that were purchased from the small town business. For those who missed the season finale episode, it can be seen again on the CBS website in their video section with all of their listed popular television shows.

As a bonus information, there are now tons of online poker games that you can play at the comfort of your home. Hence, playing casino is now brought closer to you. You no longer have to leave your house just to have fun. 99Poker is one of the best online poker games.

The business of Paul and Judy’s can be found on line via their website. You can purchase poker chips, coins, paper money, Webkinz, and beanies. Also if you are in their local area, and have coins, beanies, or paper money, sometimes they will purchase those products from you too. If you find that you could be interested in purchasing some customized poker chips for yourself, a friend, or family member, you can visit their online website, to get some poker chips of your own. Perhaps if you see some unique poker chips, they could just have been ordered from this small business in a quiet little town.

Poker Tips for Beginners

I’ve you’ve just recently started playing poker, then you’ve most likely heard some words or phrases you can’t yet comprehend. Fear not! There is a learning curve with poker lingo, as there is with any other language out there. Poker players have developed what can only be described as a separate dialect of the English language, and they also used words and phrases specific the poker world.

Let’s take the word “paint” for example. In the civilian world it refers to a liquid or aerosol substance used to add color to a surface. In the military it refers to the action of targeting or tracking something via radar or other device. But in poker, “paint” is slang for the court cards, or picture cards if you prefer. That’s the kings, queens, and jacks.

Let’s take a moment to examine some other common poker words and phrases, I’ll try and include the most common ones.

“Under the gun.” This is a term used in poker to describe the person who will be first to act in any given round of betting. In Hold’em poker, this describes the person to the left of the “Button”. The button is a small disk that rotates around the table in a clockwise direction. After the completion of each hand the “Button” moves left to the next player. The player with the “Button” acts as the dealer for that hand.

“Bullets”. Again, the meaning of this word in the game of poker is completely different than in the real world. Everyone knows what bullets are, but not everyone knows “Bullets” are a pair of aces. A pair of kings is commonly referred to as “Cowboys”. Queens are called “Ladies”, eights are called “Snowmen”, ect. The list goes on and on.

When one of your fellow poker players finds him or herself without any money at all, I mean completely broke, they may refer to themselves as being “Down to the Felt” or “Felted”. Yet when they find themselves with a nice big stack of chips, they are “Healthy” or “Stacked”.

A “tight” player is one that only chooses to play premium starting hands, and folds often. A “tight” poker player will usually only play a hand they have an above average chance of winning. The opposite of a “tight” player is a “loose” player. These poker players will play almost any hand they are dealt, and usually tend to “bluff” quite a bit. Do I need to explain “bluff”?

The phrases specific to poker you will likely hear most often are, “Bad Beat”, and “On tilt”. Let me make one think crystal clear the latter of these phrases is usually a direct result of the former! If you are the victim of a “Bad beat”, than some other player has been lucky enough to catch the only card or one of the only cards left in the deck that can beat you. They have defied logic, they have scoffed in the face of intelligent play, and they have sprinkled some magic dust and found a miracle to win the hand.

Naturally this upsets you.

So you go “On tilt”. You begin to play irrationally; you take stupid risks with what little chips and dignity you have left. You make dumb plays, questionable decisions, and a slew of boneheaded errors in a futile attempt to regain you former position at the table. In short, you twist yourself into exactly what twisted you.

The moral? Don’t let these two most common poker phrases be the ones that define your game.

Until next time remember: A good player can dodge bad luck, a great player doesn’t have to. Some tips will be provided at the official site will be helpful. There will be no scams at online site to play games at poker tables. The selection of the game should be done effectively to get the right results. The players will get enough opportunities to meet with the need of the players. 

What Are The 5 Worst Poker Advices One Should Ignore?

Basically, there are lots of ways as well as platforms through which one can easily play poker games since it is mandatory to consider all the rules and regulations before starting the match. As a reason, by acknowledging the rules, one can easily earn money as well as play gambling games. When we talk about situs judi online, then it is one of the biggest platforms where you will get lots of opportunities for playing games. There are lots of strategies as well as tricks one needs to make for playing poker games. Despite this, there is some 5 worst poker advice which you should ignore, and in the lower section, you will be going to read them. 

  1. Whenever you are visiting a casino, then some people will suggest you drink before playing the game. You need to avoid this advice because it is not beneficial to drink as a reason it may distract you from playing the game. 
  2. Don’t trust anyone because gambling games are played by creating strategies, and here you need to believe only on your strategies rather than believing in any other player.
  3. We all know that casinos are specially designed for attracting the players, but you need to be in senses while visiting a casino. As a reason, becoming over-excited can become harmful for you so related to all the things with fun and enjoyment. 
  4. Do not lay all your money on the table because it will give a hint to the other person about your money, so try to avoid this thing and advice given by other players.
  5. Check your name on the waiting list so that it becomes helpful for you to play the game on your turn only.

All the 5 worst poker advice one should ignore is listed on the above section so that it will help you to win and play games easily. 

Folding Your Way to Winning Poker

Folding. Giving up the hand. It sounds like a bad way to help your bankroll. However, it’s the action you should be doing the most if you’re a winning player. By folding at the right times, you can maximize your chances and minimize your loses.

I will use Texas Hold ’em as an example game, but a lot of the same advice applies to other games.

Here are some of the best times to fold.

Fold bad hands before the flop.

At an eight person Hold ’em game, you are only forced to put money in on the Small Blind and Big Blind positions. If you have a bad starting hand, fold the cards. There is no need to put any money in on bad cards.

Be patient. Another hand will come along in a minute or so.

Take this down time to watch the other players. Much easier to watch the action and see how the other people play a hand out when you are sitting waiting for the next hand.

A lot of winning players fold 70-80% of their hands before the flop.

Fold when the flop misses you

You were patient and folded all the bad hands. Finally, a good drawing hand comes along. You call or raise as appropriate. The flop comes and misses you completely. You have no pair and no draw. Someone before you bets.

Fold. Save the money. Short of a miracle, you have no chance of winning. Save the chips for another hand. Remember, chips not lost count as much as chips won.

Fold when you are beat

This is trickier. You have top pair and top kicker. There have been bets and raises down to the end. The guy you are sure is chasing the flush has stuck in even though he only has one spade o three on the board. A fourth spade hits and he lights up like a Christmas tree. He leads out with a bet. Dump it.

Sometimes, it’s not so clear. But if you listen to yourself, and trust your instincts, you should learn when to do this.

You will occasionally fold a winner, but you will fold many more losers.

By saving chips you would have thrown away on bad situations, you have them for when the odds are more favorable. And getting you money in with the right odds is a great way to increase your bankroll.

To conclude, folding is one of the best forms of poker that you can have because there are times when giving up your big hands that give you an edge over your opponents that turn the tables at a crucial turning point in the match unlike a bandarq online where you simply have to rely on the artificial players.

Five Poker Twitter Accounts Worth Following

All right. You’re a poker fan. You try to play with your friends at least once a week, and when the thirst for more action doesn’t die down, you go to Judi online terpercaya to play some more. You watch poker shows on television and begin to see a repeat of professional poker players’ faces. You begin turning into said television shows in hopes for some cheap entertainment, regarding a favorite hobby of yours.

You begin to buy poker books and poker magazines. You start to read about these individuals more and more. You like what you read. Their outgoing personalities along with their talent and success fascinates you, drawing you more into their world. You go online and visit a few poker sites to read up to date news within the community, and then you see that twitter is a really big deal in the poker community. Everyone chirps back and forth to their friends and fans, in-between hands, traveling around the world for tournaments, or while they wait for the cameras to roll during a future television episode recording.

So here are five twitter accounts that I personally find enjoyable to read, both as entertainment, and that I find interesting, that is somehow involved in the poker community. They’re in no particular order, and you might not even like some that I suggest, but they are a good starting point for daily entertainment.

1) Doyle Brunson (TexDolly):

One of the living poker legends from the past, Doyle Brunson is a man who has been around. People respect him, listen to him, follow in his footsteps, and sometimes wish they were him. He’s been playing decades before poker was popular when he would travel the country to find games that weren’t always safe. He’s a real living, breathing poker playing cowboy, and a cowboy’s mentality is now being chronicled online with twitter. To receive a twitter update from a tough guy like this, informing you why to never trust a blonde, is absolutely enjoyable. A man who has seen the good and bad of humanity still has time to joke with you, and I find that classic.

2) Daniel Negreanu (RealKidPoker):

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular professional poker players alive, and he’s only in his 30s. His raw talent to read people’s hands exactly is matched by the charisma and positive personality that television cameras catch with him on many shows. His character is so likable, that the online poker company, Pokerstars, gave him his own show where he gives poker contestants advice on how to play against celebrities and other professionals before they make it to the final round, playing against the man himself. The man leads an interesting, high stakes life, and happily remains candid with the world through twitter. The personality that people see on television is reflected here, but sometimes she writes as if he’s writing just for you.

I’ve seen the guy play in person too. He’s in a tournament with only three tables left. Whenever he had something to say to his loved ones waiting for him with the railbirds, tons of fans would try and ask for his autograph. Each time he would agree to sign something for them, and joked to one after looking at the poker table, “Well, sure, I’ll take a photo with you, it’s not like I’m busy!” From that point on, my friend and I agreed that he’s worth being a fan of.

3) Phil Hellmuth (phil_hellmuth):

If there’s one professional poker player that knows how to market himself well, it’s Phil Hellmuth. The man is simply fun to watch because you never know when his “poker brat” persona will come out. While not playing at a poker table, many have said that he’s a surprisingly friendly and charming guy, but if you meet him at a table, lookout. He will mumble what he’s thinking and feeling at the time, not caring how socially acceptable it is. And with that, people will watch him play. You will not find his “poker brat” attitude on his twitter account. What you will see, however, is another trait of his. His huge ego. But this is fun because he has a new toy he loves to play with. His camcorder on his iPhone. Phil will often post little video blogs and link them to his twitter account, showing the world what it’s like to live like him. You’ll see footage of him walking around in a luxurious hotel suite, or just filming behind the scenes clips of NBC’s Poker After Dark, and how there’s an actual process to film a poker game. For his videos alone, his twitter account is incredibly fun to follow.

4) Joe Sebok (JoeSebok):

Son of a legendary poker player, Barry Greenstein, Sebok used to play a ton of poker, but then decided to focus more on the media aspect of the card-playing community, creating A very popular central hub for tons of poker media, including exclusive footage from the life of Phil Ivey (whom many people consider to be the best living player today), he is a highly respected man. That is why he took a huge gamble on his credibility when signing up to be a sponsored pro with Ultimate Bet, currently trying to fix up their own credibility after a cheating scandal was revealed on their gaming site. Joe Sebok is pretty much telling the poker world that by signing up with Ultimate Bet, he’s going to make sure they’re willing to fix the bridge that they burned no matter at what cost. And if they don’t match his approval, then he’s out of there. And if that’s the case, then Ultimate Bet will never be as big as they could be, because of how respected Joe is in the poker world.

Currently, he’s working as a cohost for a new poker show, a poker news show, to be broadcasted on FoxSportsNet TV. Finally, after all of this is said and done, he is a co-host for a popular podcast that can be found on his site and even iTunes, PokerRoad Radio. The man is incredibly busy, has following surpassing one million, and his twitter account documents what it’s like to be as busy as him. Yikes.

5) The Tao of Poker’s Pauly (tarpaulin):

Now this guy is not a professional player like the other four, but decided to quit his Wall St. life to become a poker player and a writer. His websites, such as The Tao of Poker, are considered some of the best poker blogs that can be found online. He writes in the gonzo journalism format, which as many of you already know, was made popular by Hunter S. Thompson. Now, what if Hunter S. was a poker player? Well then, you’d get Pauly. His gambling stories are incredibly fun to read, with the gruff and brutally honest method of writing he chooses. So when you want more from him, you go to his Twitter account. He’ll let you know when his awesome blogs are updating, but you’ll see the gambler, journalist, insomniac, writer, world traveler, and junkie of who knows what else, update consistently on Twitter.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of people in the poker community that have a twitter account, sure, but hey. I highly enjoy these five. I’m not even sure I can consider them my personal top five, but they’re definitely up there.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more money to lose at 7-card stud.