Playing Poker for a Living

It looks so tempting. In this current poker boom, so many horrible new players are flocking to the games every day, apparently eager and willing to give us their money. So it sure seems as though any skilled player should be able to earn steady money at poker, almost like drawing a steady paycheck at the office. And many do. But it’s one thing to win consistently when poker is a fun hobby and the money you make is a nice supplement to your regular income. It’s quite another thing when poker is your only means of support. When those chips you are putting into the middle of the table represent your rent and grocery money, the additional stress can be overwhelming. At the very least, it’s going to be a lot harder to stay on your “A” game in the face of the inevitable poker adversities.

Yes, some people do manage it. They support themselves solely by playing poker. But those players belong to a very select little group. And as with any exclusive club, everybody on the outside thinks that they deserve to join. Ego is a huge factor for most poker players, and it’s extremely common for wannabe-professionals to overestimate their playing abilities. One of the important thing that you need to do even if you play on Live Result SGP, before you even remotely consider earning your living at poker, you must be brutally honest with yourself about your skill level. That means keeping brutally honest records for a very long time before turning pro, so that you can have the cold hard evidence right there: You can beat this type of game, at that particular level, for this many big bets per hour.

But skill alone is not enough. Not even close. To play poker full-time as your only means of support, you must have extraordinary, iron-clad, virtually-infallible discipline. You’ll need this discipline to keep playing your best after countless boring hours of play, long after the game has stopped being fun and turned into a grind. Moreover, you’ll need this discipline to keep playing your absolute best in the face of brutal, seemingly-endless losing streaks. When that happens, the added pressure of needing to win some money in order to pay the rent will make it so much easier to go on tilt. And if you’re privately thinking: “Well, those kinds of losing streaks will never happen to me.” – yes, they will. Convincing yourself otherwise is just another form of magic thinking, and if you want to play poker for a living then magic thinking is a luxury that you simply cannot afford. Luck will always be a part of the game, and if a prolonged losing streak can happen to a legendary player like Doyle Brunson, then it can happen to you as well.

You need to be prepared for this financially. Your bankroll must be extra-large, to withstand major hits without affecting your ability to put food on the table. And you really should have some emergency reserve money set aside – three-to-six month’s worth of living expenses – just in case you do suffer that prolonged losing streak or, god forbid, some other sudden misfortune. One of the best things about playing poker for a living is the chance to be your own boss, but that also means you must take care of your own benefits, such as health insurance. All of these extra expenses should be factored into your budget before taking a crack at professional poker. Playing poker for a living is a business, and you must treat it as you would any other serious business endeavor. It’s also worth mentioning here that if you should list your job as “professional poker player” on your forms at tax time, the IRS will be more inclined to audit you.

So, what kind of stakes would you need to play in order to make a living at the game? Of course this largely is a function of your own expenses – how cheaply you can live each month, whether or not you have any dependants, if you live with a spouse who earns money, etc. You need to figure all this out in advance. Conventional wisdom says that a skilled player will average one big bet per hour, and so at a bare minimum you would need to play at the $10/$20 level. The exception to this would be multi-tabling online. If you can do this and still play well (and perhaps supplement your income by chasing all those online bonuses), then you can probably get by at smaller stakes.

For the skilled player, poker is fabulous as a second job. It’s a wonderful way to supplement your income, to bring in extra money so you can buy some nice things that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. As long as you still have that primary job to fall back on, the losing streaks won’t be so crushing, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a way to pay the electric bill. But without that safety net, a life of professional poker can be a wild and dangerous ride.

Blackjack Tournaments In Casinos Vs Online

Blackjack tournaments are increasingly popular and because of that, they are increasingly available to be played in locations all across the world. From the casinos of the big gaming cities to the virtual world, blackjack tournaments are cropping up everywhere. This means that you can play them at almost any time of day or not from home or on the road. There are some differences between land-based casino blackjack tournament play and online casino blackjack tournament play, though, and you should know about those differences before deciding to proceed with one or the other.

Many people go to blackjack tournaments because they love the thrill of the interactive game. They enjoy sitting at the table with their opponents, round after round, watching their faces change and making their blackjack bets according to a precise combination of skill level, tournament design and observance of opponents. They love the elimination rounds in which winners move on and losers go home and they think that seeing the guts and the glory is all a part of what makes blackjack tournament gaming so fun. The participation in the poker 99 tournaments and leagues is easy for the gamblers. The preparation of the best strategy will meet the desired results at online site. There is avoiding of the mistakes at online platform for increasing the winning in poker room. 

For those people, land-based casinos are the place to go. They get the interaction they are looking for in a way that participating in online casino blackjack tournaments will just never ever give them. However, these people shouldn’t rule out online blackjack tournaments altogether. For one thing, online tournaments are available more readily, so people with a busy schedule can use them to keep their skills up in between trips to land-based casino blackjack tournaments.

Additionally, one of the things which make a good blackjack tournament player is the development of a wide range of skills to be used at discretion. Practicing different skills often feels safer in an online environment, so blackjack tournament players who aren’t as willing to take risks with new techniques in their land-based play may find that practicing them online is a way to get used to using them so that they can enhance land-based casino blackjack tournament play while not risking losing face.

For some people, the chance to win money is more important than the thrill of the blackjack tournament itself. Some people find that the noise and the lights and the human interaction, while part of the blackjack tournament, are second to the task at hand which is to be the winner at the end of the game. For these people, online blackjack tournaments may suit their style better. They can participate from the comfort of their own homes, which also generally allows them to participate in more blackjack tournaments than they could participate in if they had to work out the details of getting to the casino.

This means that casino blackjack tournaments often offer more opportunity for an increased chance of playing and therefore an increased chance of winning and therefore an increased bank account. Many people use a combination of online casino blackjack tournament play with land-based casino blackjack tournament play to meet all of their different gaming needs.

How You Can Play Blackjack

Find out more about How You Can Play Blackjack. Blackjack is among the most widely used games performed on the internet and in casinos. It’s a relatively simple game to experience and the possibilities a little bit more in support of the gamer than other casino games.

In the start, there are two essential items to keep in mind. 3 if you would like mom Grundy admonition that you ought to never risk money you’re afraid to get rid of.

The very first is the odds always favor the home, but when one follows a method and sticks rigorously into it, you’ll be able to beat the home generally.

Next, the sport is between you (the little guy with limited sources) against situs judi poker casino (Big guy, plenty of sources and you’re playing in the clubhouse so you’ve to experience by his rules).

However, there’ll usually be others at the table so watch them that show up and perform some fundamental calculations. (More about this later)

The aim is to buy 21 points and beat the casino who’s also looking to get 21. An Ace counts 1 or 11, all picture cards, as well as the 10 counts as 10 and also the rest, are face value. The easiest method to score 21 would be to score a “Blackjack” where you receive a 10 as well as an ace and you’re immediately compensated out at 3:2.

The very first factor to complete is to locate out the number of decks of cards that have been in the shoe. Usually, 6 or 8 decks to ensure that means (within an 8 deck game) there are 36 Aces 128 cards worth 10 and 36 cards each with the need for 9, 8, 7, and so forth.

The Play goes the following:- The dealership will deal a round of cards to every player that has placed a bet within the box and can deal themself a card face-up. If his card is definitely an ace he will give you the risk of insurance. Typically this can be a side bet using the odds hugely within the casino’s favor. Odds compensated are 2 to at least one on the 1:3 chance.

Then your dealer will deal with each player another round of cards and can go to the very first player opposite him in a clockwise direction.

The guidelines are the player must have more compared to the dealer and no more than 21. The overall rule would be that the house will draw to some face worth of 17 once its cards are 17 or even more it’ll shell out anybody many standoff anybody who equals the score. Other bets are losses.

Then when the very first player plays he needs to consider the worth of his hands and follow his strategy. If the cards add up to under 10 he’ll require a card using the sure understanding he can’t be damaged. On 12 and upwards he may be easily damaged. The worst 2 card value to carry is 16 in which the likelihood of drawing a card less having value if 5 or fewer are badly against.

Blackjack Odds & House Edge – What are they?

As the dealers moves are controlled Blackjack is a game where your success or failure is largely in your own hands, if you stand, hit, double or split at the wrong time you reduce you chance of winning fortunately the tables below offer advice on what to do in a given set of circumstances. Later paragraphs explain how cards counting can be used to further enhance your chances. This table should be committed to memory as it forms the basis for successful Blackjack playing.

The abbreviations in the table mean:

  • SH – Stand on hard totals (not including an ace) but draw on soft totals counting and ace as 11.
  • H – Always hit in some cases a double may be appropriate see the tables below.
  • R- In all the casinos in Macao and some in the USA you can resign losing only half your stake.

The table below shows you when you should Double again it is assumed you are not counting cards. Rules on when you are allowed to Double vary so check what your casino permits.

The next table advises on when to split pairs.

Should you sit at a table where everyone knows how to play?

Well, it might be best, but the important thing to know, is how others play will not affect how you do in the long run. Oh sure, next hand, yes, any decision may directly make you a winner or a loser, but over thousands of hands, the mathematical odds will level things out. The important thing for success is that you play each and every single hand mathematically correct. This cannot be stressed or stated enough. If you are like most players, basically following the play of those Basic Play Charts many casinos have handed out, you are not playing 100% proper. We’re not saying this to be rude. We want you to wake you up to the fact that you have been mislead! While playing at Bandarqq site, the information about the house edge and odds should be available with the players. The players should not behave rude at the platform to improve the winning experience. The understanding of the concept with the odds is necessary. There is an improve in the bank balance of the gamblers with the odds information to place the bets. 

Each and every single hand you receive has only one mathematically correct way to play. If you play it wrong, you are giving the house a huge advantage over you. Sadly, maybe the next time you get that same hand, you will play it wrong again. Each and every single time you get that same hand … wrong, wrong, wrong. No wrongs will ever make a right, and they will make you a continuous loser at Blackjack. Playing one hand wrong once is unfortunate, but playing it wrong 100’s of times is much better for the casinos will buy you breakfast instead of you spending the $2.99.

How do we know what is right? Well, the playing chart above is the best Blackjack program in the world for about many reasons. Just the Hand Breakdown vs. Dealers Up Card is enough to make you the best Blackjack player in the world, but we take it so much further than that. What the Hand Breakdown vs. Dealers Up Card actually does, is allow you to go in and simply see how you did while playing each and every single starting hand, against each of the Dealers Up Cards.

So if you are unsure of how to play a particular hand, just a couple mouse clicks can show you the results for each and every single hand you ever want to see. Not sure how to play your Hard 12 vs. the Dealers 2? Well, click Hard 12 and the Dealers Up Card of 2, and their you have it. 45 different categories for how you did for all the times you received that hand. We also show it at 21 different counts for you Card Counters. Of course, you can now set up different players to play the same hand different, and compare them to see which is the best way to play that hand each time you get it.

It isn’t suppose to be hard, confusing or difficult. That was the old way. The blackjack strategy chart is the best Blackjack guide ever made, and you owe it to yourself to have all the answers. Look at it this way. If you make just one $25 bet and lose, you are out $25. If the strategy chart would have shown you how to win that same hand, you would have kept the $25, plus been paid $25 more, and in one hand, you just paid for the program forever.

Does It Matter Where You Sit At the Table?

If you are a card counter who varies the way you play based on the count, yes, third base is the answer. If not, sit beside the nice looking girl or handsome guy, your preference, because it won’t effect your game. You can prove this to yourself by setting up your style of play for the 1St baseman, player 4, and 3rd base. Set them all up to play the same, and run a million hands.

How to win at slots

Yes, that’s right! Order ” The Secrets Of The Slots ” method of winning at Judi slot and I will also send you THREE bonuses absolutely FREE that I know you’ll just love! 

 While most of my time now in any casino is focused on Slot machines, I do occasionally play other games to get a chance to socialize with other players and dealers and make even more! Roulette is one of the games! And I only use one system when playing called the Rapid-Fire Roulette system. This simple but amazing system was shown to me by a retired Roulette dealer who swears this is the best method ever developed to win at this game.

I agree! While most other systems on this game are always dealing with betting progressions having you increase and decrease the size of your wagers as your winning or losing which simply does not work, the Rapid-Fire Roulette system gives you an excellent chance of winning by making FLAT BETS only! Yes, that’s right – FLAT BETS! This means that this method is capable of winning by betting the very same amount on every spin! Start out with just five-dollar wagers and you will only need to make the same size five-dollar bets for the entire session that you are playing.

No going up or down with your bets chasing any losses. Just simple flat bets and the Rapid-Fire Roulette system will all you’ll need to win at this century-old game. Absolutely no charting or waiting out certain spins. You won’t even need a pencil and paper to use it. You get to play every spin and while making only flat bets to win! This system is not available anywhere else but if you order the method, I’ll send you a copy absolutely FREE that’s yours to keep! Remember, I mainly play Slots but this is one simple system you’ll like to use on the side at the Roulette tables. 

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Blackjack is one of the casino’s most popular gambling table games and there is only one method you should use – the Blackjack Buster. While most other systems on this game are always dealing with very complicated card counting techniques or confusing betting type progression systems that simply do not work, the Blackjack Buster gives you an excellent chance of winning by making only two predetermined sized bets! This means that this blackjack method is capable of winning by betting only one amount or the other at the exact right time which is most important.

You can start out with just a five-dollar wager and never need to bet more than a maximum of ten dollars on any hand in order for you to win! Or start with a ten dollar bet and the maximum you will ever need is a twenty-dollar wager. No hunch betting taking a guess as to what your next cards will be and you definitely do not need to be a rocket scientist trying to count how many good or bad cards are left in a six or eight-deck shoe. With the Blackjack Buster system, you will have a slight edge which is all you’ll ever need to become a long-term winner at this fast-paced game!

How Online Casino Bonuses Work

Bonuses are a great form of marketing for online casinos, and most offer signup bonuses to new players making their first deposit. Much respected online casinos (Such as Judi QQ Online) offer signup bonuses, there is really no reason to choose an online casino that does not offer one. Game sites justify offering these bonuses in the hope that you will return to their site again and again.

With a new player bonus, casinos are essentially giving money in exchange for your agreement to wager a minimum amount. You may be required to wager a multiple of your initial deposit or the bonus credited to your account before you can collect on it. The house edge games that you are allowed to play in meeting your wagering requirements of the bonus will help you determine how likely you are to be able to walk away with one of your bonuses.

With some online casinos, you may be limited to select low-edge games and Paris cover (like betting on both red and black on roulette) to meet your requirement betting bonus. It is very important that you read the requirements of the particular casino to claim your bonus, as they may differ slightly from one casino to another.

Some online casinos offer so-called sticky bonuses. These bonuses are part of your balance, but they can not be collected separately. Sticky bonuses stick in your account until it is lost. Obviously, this is not as lucrative for you as a bonus simply

Comp points common to brick and mortar casinos are also available on some gambling sites online. These bonus points can be redeemed against the price of cash or other compositions. The particular amount for each wager depends on the game you choose. For example, the casino may offer you three points for a sample every $ 10 you wager on slots and one comp point for every $ 10 you wager on blackjack (because the advantage of the house is much lower than on blackjack, it is about time slots). All 100 sample points can be worth a dollar. In this case, it really means that the casino is back 0.3% of your Paris slot, but only 0.1% of your Paris blackjack.

Theoretically, it may be possible to make money with bonus structures. Consider that with the blackjack, the house edge is about 0.5%. If you had bet $ 1,000 with a house edge of 0.5%, we can expect to lose $ 5. If you receive a signup bonus of $ 100 and subtract your expected loss of $ 5, you can expect to earn $ 100 – $ 5 = $ 95. But you need to check through bonus terms and conditions of the site to see if it is even allowed.

Casinos have robust IP tracking software they use to prevent the same player to register multiple times under multiple names to demand more of a bonus, so it’s something that you do certainly not want to try because it will get you kicked out of most online casinos. On the other side of the equation, there are casinos that delay the payment of withdrawals in the hope that the player will continue gambling with the money in the account and lose it for not to pay. But you can do much to avoid signing with a rogue casino by choosing one with a good reputation and regularly submits verification of payout percentages.

How To Play Poker

Wondering how to play poker? There are exciting variations to the poker game. A person who has not played poker before will surely be confused with these games. But no matter what brand of poker you wish to play, their basic rules will always be the same. Learning how to play poker will go a long way in enjoying this game.

Here are some basics on how to play poker that will be useful in your quest. For starters, have your deck of cards ready.

  • Know and understand the order of your cards in a deck. Obviously, the weakest among these is 2. It goes all the way up to 10, being the strongest. Then the face cards will come into the game. The weakest in the order is the jack; and from here going to the strongest you have the queen, king and ace.
  • Learn about poker hands. The basics are as follows: 1.) a pair is two of the same card, 2.) three of a kind is three same cards in your hand, 3.) the straight refers to five same and consecutive cards, 4.) the flush is five cards at random of the same suit, 5.) the full house is any combination of three cards of the same kind together with a pair, 6.) four of a kind means four same cards, 7.) the straight flush, which is the combination of a straight and a flush, and 8.) the royal flush, it’s a straight flush starting the ace and counting down.
  • Familiarize the order of the winning poker hands. The royal flush is the strongest; and going down in order we have straight flush, four of a kind, full house, the flush, the straight, three of a kind, the two pair, the one pair, and lastly the single highest card in your hand.
  • Learn also how to deal cards in the game of poker. The number of cards you deal depends also on the type of game being played. The procedure will still be the same. Deal from the top of the deck always. Start dealing at your left, go round until it goes back to you. Repeat the process until all the cards are dealt.
  • Also, get to know the basic terms. To “bet” means to risk your money knowing that your poker hand will beat the rest. To “raise” means to bet more than what others had bet. “Check” refers to your move not to bet in your turn. You will also “fold” when you discard your hand because you believe that you will not win with what you have

When learning how to play poker, it would be ideal to start with the simple Five-Card Draw poker. Beginners will feel comfortable with this game than those poker games often seen in the television.

Five-card draw poker is the best option that can be availed big time because the beginners can test out their skills and practice it out at the same time without losing focus so that they can be ready for the big games in the casino while right now Judi Online is what they do for honing and polishing their skills.

And as a friendly advice, don’t play for money until you are already well-practiced. Doing so is simply not good. You will lose all your money even before you can start to win. Practice with your friends and exploit that playing sessions so you can master the rules and eventually learn the strategies so you will win big time! Learning how to play poker will benefit you greatly.

Common Poker Beginner Mistakes- What are they?

In view of the fact that poker games like Texas Hold’em have become very popular it is understandable that a lot of beginning players can be found at online poker sites. Most rookies tend to make many of the same mistakes over and over again. Some common mistakes that can happen at the site are listed below- The checking of the mistakes will offer the players more opportunities to win at the table. Doing of the same mistake and error again is the foolishness of the players so they need to be attentive and alert at Poker QQ site. 

Here’s a list of five common poker beginner mistakes that you should avoid at all times

  1. Playing too many hands before the flop

Playing too many hands before the flop is one of the most common beginner mistakes and normally happens once players get used to the rules of the game and loose patience. They’ll play too many hands, folding much too late in the game. This, however, is not the brightest strategy. Obviously poker is much more fun when you are in the hand. Unfortunately, you can’t play every starting hand if you want to win money.

According to the overall statistics, more experienced Texas Hold’em players do not fold before the flop about 15 to 20% of the time. Remember that against 9 opponents, you only have 10% chance to have the best hand so don’t play too many and do not expect to win each hand you’ll play.

This is a very common and critical mistake most rookie players make. You have to pick and choose the right times to use a bluff. Even to the most common pros and best players in the world bluffing is a miniscule part of their game. Bluffing should be a carefully used tool. Pick your bluffs wisely but don’t overdo it. Experienced players will know when you’re bluffing too often and use that info against you.

Most of the rookie players don’t understand the importance of bankroll management. They tend become greedy and play at a buy-in level which is much higher than the games they should be playing. First, it’s important to know that anything can happen in a poker session due to the variance associated with the game (bad beats, suck-outs,…). Second, sometimes you must take risk in order to make money overall. That makes two good reasons why it’s important you always have the proper bankroll to support your actions for the stakes you’re playing.

Good positioning means you get to see what your opponents do first before it’s your time to act. Based on their betting and behavior, you will be able to make an informed and better decision about what you want to do. The basic strategy and rule of thumb you need to know is that you want to play more starting hands from a later position and play these hands more aggressively.

Not thinking about the long term

Look at the bigger picture and think of poker as a continual, lifelong game. Of course it sucks losing your stack when Kings get cracked by Queens but know that if you get your money in with the best hand you will become a successful and winning poker player in the long run. No matter how bad you run from time to time (due to bad beats or suck-outs), if you make the correct decisions you will always come out with a profit, at the end.

Finally, learn as much as you can by reading poker books and strategy articles, watching videos and observing online or live poker play. Spend much time studying the game and if you follow above mentioned tips, you will have a proper foundation to build upon.

what should the gamblers have to know-poker Pot Control

A pot control strategy that avoids the pot getting too large when you have a good, but not a great hand is necessary. Good betting practices and bankroll preservation include pot control. 

Pot control

Pot control in No-Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit poker will often require different applications and ‘control’ will have different meanings. Pot control may also require you to alter your thinking for tournament and cash table play. Dominoqq website is the poker room where the players can play the games with comfort. The playing of the card games is there from home with convenience and ease to get the desired results. There will an increase in the bank balance of the gamblers. 

At lower buy-in levels, pot control can sometimes go out the window, because many players just see pennies that they can afford to gamble. Medium and higher buy-in level players will have more regard for dollar value.

 Pot control is part of a pro-active betting strategy.

 Pot control – Fixed Limit

Pot control in Fixed Limit betting may be exercised against an aggressive opponent who has demonstrated a propensity to always raise and rarely fold. The hostile play style may encourage some players to re-raise ‘just to keep them honest.’ They know that the overly aggressive player cannot always hold a top hand. This is not often the best way to deal with such an opponent.

If you know that that player is highly likely to call the re-raise or raise again and you have a made hand that is vulnerable, check calling will often be the correct option. This allows you to control the value of the pot up to the point where your confidence in the hand is such that you bet out, or fold.

Pot control – Pot Limit

Pot control in Pot Limit poker will at times be similar to Fixed Limit pot control, except that the pot size will be higher and your stack should be too. Pot Limit pot control will also have elements of No Limit pot control.

 Pot control – No Limit

No Limit pot control may mean smooth calling from an early seat, if you consider players acting later are either short stacked and/or are likely to move all-in. If you make a large raise, you give a later acting player a pot worth attacking with an uncompromising re-raise. This may seem like passive or weak play, but there will be times where it is necessary.

Another sense of No Limit pot control is taking control of the pot by setting the price for players who wish to continue in the hand, rather than allowing them cheap cards. This will often be an aggressive play for example, making a pot sized (or pot sized plus) bet when holding a vulnerable made hand, necessitating players acting later to call without the odds if they want to make their hand.

No single move is correct for every occasion; pot control as part of your betting process should always be thought through. Without a pot control strategy, you may find yourself deep into a relatively large pot with cards that do not justify the investment.

 Block betting

A block bet can be a type of pot control useful in No Limit and Pot Limit poker. At the end of some complex hands usually involving just two players, if the player acting first is unsure of their hand strength and they feel a check will invite the player acting after to make a large bet, it can be worthwhile making a small bet similar to a value bet.* If the player acting second also lacks confidence in their hand, that player will often call rather than make the invited large bet.

A value bet may be made at the end of a hand where the bettor has a high degree of confidence in winning. If called, the bet simply adds value to that pot. The size of the bet will reflect the players’ consideration of the amount that their opponent is likely to call. 

 Tournament pot control

Pot control in a tournament for the big stacks may include an effort to keep pots low and so less enticing for smaller stacks to make a premature, rash move upon before the big stack realizes the potential strength of their own hand.

Tournament pot control may also mean two or more dominant stacks may avoid making pots too large when they get involved in one together, thus averting themselves from relinquishing their safer positions. As long as those big stacked players are not discussing this as a joint tactic, it is not collusion; it is simply good stack control/pot control practice.

 Cash table pot control

Cash table and tournament pot control will share play commonalities, however there may be a marked difference in reasoning.

The obvious distinction is if you have lost your chip stack in a hand when playing a cash game, you can always reload – but busting a large stack in a tournament usually leaves you out in the cold. Players may choose to take a longer term view based on their positive expectation of a certain hand or situation when on a cash table, than they would in a tournament.

Play Online Poker With Bitcoin – The Benefits

Poker players from around the world are flocking to Bitcoin poker platforms, and there’s a few reasons why it really makes sense:

Here’s why people are moving from traditional poker platforms to Bitcoin poker:

When you play Bitcoin pokerJudi Bola Online re complete information on the poker player, including name, email, addresses, phone numbers and often require the user to upload images of their private documents such as ID and passport. Bitcoin poker avoids this and lets you play poker fast, without the lengthy signups.

At Betcoin, users can sign up with a username, password and email. This is a far less lengthy process than fiat poker competitors.

At poker sites and sportsbooks such as Nitrogen Sports, or Anonibet, users can play without the need for any account at all. Simply place your bets and receive funds to the wallet of your choice upon completion of the bet.

  • No need to signup with a payment processor after logging into online poker

Part of the timely login and signup processes for most poker platforms and online sportsbooks is the hassle of finding a payment processor that offers reduced fees and doesn’t require a timely signup. This can be hard to find when each processor is catering to banks in specific regions… Unfortunately this restricts the poker tables to areas around the world and really limits the userbase.

With Bitcoin poker, users do not rely on a payment processor, as Bitcoin transactions are conducted from your PC or mobile device to your online Bitcoin poker wallet. This saves fees, time and allows you to play more poker.

  • Less withdraw restrictions, like daily limits or fees

Withdraw restrictions on popular poker platforms have been restricting the limits you can withdraw at one time and that could create a problem for you. When playing higher value ring games and cash tables, users often get finances locked on the platform limited to $3,000 daily withdraw, or less.

This is a problem that simply doesn’t exist with the best Bitcoin poker rooms. Bitcoin poker tables are subject to far less restrictions and your wallet balance provides more liquidity than traditional platforms.

Using poker platforms such as Betcoin allows users to trade Bitcoin for litecoin, BCash and ether with ease. Simply deposit with the currency of choice and withdraw another cryptocurrrency to satisfy your trading needs. Who needs a Bitcoin exchange when you can do it in the comfort of your poker account.

  • Play Bitcoin poker anywhere in the world

Bitcoin poker opens game play to global audiences. That means you will find players from around the world, all on one platform. A lack of player and banking restrictions removes typical barriers to entry that sites such as Party Poker and Pokerstars impose on players. Expand your gameplay to tables that feature players from all around the world.