Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: How to Camp and Survive

So be studying maps, and choosing the right location for your camping spots you’ll be a much more formidable opponent in Modern Warfare 2. Being able to survive and maintain a solid kill death ratio will make you an asset to any Modern Warfare 2 team, and it will make you a dead soldier in the realm of Xbox live. There really is just a rule when it comes to Modern Warfare, and it’s simple and basic. By following this one rule you’ll be assured victory and be able to avoid death. The best rule to live by in Modern Warfare 2 is “Just Don’t Die!”Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360 has many new innovations in terms of gameplay, but some things stay the same, like survival! Survival is the name of the game when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 and in order to be a good player, you’ll need to know the basics of staying alive that you can find on Domino QQ. This may sound easy enough, but when you’re playing Modern Warfare 2 over Xbox live you’ll soon realize that survival can be a tricky game of trial and error, with the penalty of error being death. You’ll have to learn how to balance good camping skills, with concealment techniques, but yet maintain a good solid kill death ratio at the same time to stay competitive with other Modern Warfare 2 players.

The first step to becoming a good survivalist and obtaining a solid kill death ratio is understanding the term camping in Modern Warfare 2. Camping is a term used when a player uses a single spot for the majority of his life and kills opposing Modern Warfare 2 players without moving. Camping is a technique that may be cursed at and looked down upon by some Xbox live gamers, but it is the ultimate survival strategy, and that’s what Modern Warfare 2 is all about survival!

Modern Warfare 2 was designed in a couple of unique ways, and one of the design techniques focused on making it hard for any player to set up a good nest for camping, which holds true to real life. In Modern Warfare 2 you’ll be faced with many unique challenges when trying to find the right spot to set up base and camp at, yet still, eliminate other players to achieve a good score. The first key in finding a well-rounded camping spot that will further your score, but keep you alive is to get to know the levels of Modern Warfare 2.

Play all the Modern Warfare 2 maps online and try and pinpoint what pathways are the most traveled. On a level like the Favela where there are a lot of city streets, you’ll need to determine which streets are the most often used? Also, look for areas in the level that players will re-spawn at often. When you have determined what areas of the map are frequently used you’ll need to move onto the next step in Modern Warfare survival, and that’s finding a good base camp to set up in.

When spotting a good location you’ll need to look for a few very crucial details, and then act accordingly. When you have a location picked out, ask yourself the following questions. How many entrances are there to my location, Do I have a good view of my kill zone, How far of a distance is there between me and any possible target, what weapons will I need to utilize when in this location, and how will the environment affect my survival. Now that you have your basic five questions to help pick a good Modern Warfare survival spot, let’s begin to answer them.

Entrances and exits will be the first and most important question that you ask yourself when surviving in Modern Warfare 2. You need a location that has limited access, but yet will provide you will a good view and a fast exit if the need arises. Look for a location that has a minimum of two entrances, but a maximum of four, any more then this and you’ll be hard-pressed to cover your back. Two or three entrances are ideal because you can cover these locations with claymores, and remain safe, just play with scavenger to replenish your equipment each time you take down an opponent.

Modern Warfare 2 is a fast-paced game, especially over Xbox live, so once you find a location to set up camp be sure to watch your kill zone. Your kill zone will be the area that your camping location primarily overlooks, and it’s the area you picked out because of heavy enemy traffic. Your camping location must have a good clear view of your kill zone; otherwise, you’ll be sitting still and not gaining any points for the entire game. Aside from covering your entrances and exits making sure you have a good kill zone will be your most important priority.

The next two Modern Warfare survival techniques go hand in hand when setting up camp. What’s the maximum distance of any target I’m looking for and what weapon will I need to achieve my goal. If you using a sniper rifle, but your kill zone is located within twenty-five yards of your location you’re not doing yourself any good, you’d be better off using a close to mid-range weapons like the FAMAS or the M16. Just like using a shotgun to hit a target over ten yards away is a bad idea, you have to size up the distance of your targets in comparison to your location and the weapons your using. The best survival weapons will be your mid-range machine guns like the M16, M4 carbine, and FAMAS, as well as all of your sniper rifles.

The last Modern Warfare 2 survival tip when selecting a camping location is the location itself. You need to be aware of your environment in case of emergence, and for concealment purposes. You can set up on top of a high rise and expect to remain hidden and survive; you’ll be picked off by other Xbox live gamers within moments. Pick a spot that has plenty of cover in case your location is revealed and you need to hide from enemy fire. Also, be aware of walls and other surfaces in which grenades and RPGs can hit and explode causing shrapnel damage t