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You are playing online texas Hold’em and got dealt in K of clubs and Ten of hearts. What if you have called the hand and the flop comes with one of your cards and an inside straight draw showing.

Is it worth betting,calling or even raising or reraising? It all depends on the odds you are getting for the situation you are faced with, how your opponents are playing and how you are playing. Do you take all this information into account in a split second, never making one mistake, never saying who cares I take a gamble and chase the inside straight against all odds maybe I get lucky like this punk who just beat my two aces to hell with his runner-runner straight too. This is where you need a pokerbrain program for.

To know all the right answers and to prevent you from making the wrong play by not knowing the real odds and/or being on tilt!! PokerBrains are software programs that instantly inform you what the best course of action is to be taken with the poker hand you have been dealt in with. It is like having an expert player sitting next to you telling you what to do in every poker hand situation you encounter.

These pokerbrains are able to real-time capture from the online poker table you are sitting at the hand you have been dealt in, how many players have been dealt in, how many players have folded,called or raised/reraised pre-flop. Then when it is your turn the pokerbrain tells you what to do with your hand.

Is it worth calling or just muck this hand and wait for the next one. The pokerbrain runs smoothly next to your pokerclient. When your hand is dealt it is able to capture your cards by reading it from the pokerclient. It also reads your position relative to the button and the blind bets. It further reads how many opponents have been dealt cards also. Who has folded, called, raised or re-raised his hand pre-flop.

When it is your turn the pokerbrain looks in his pre-programmed profile what the best course of action should be. This action can be based by comparing the amount of money in the pot and the win chance your hand have. Or even more advanced it knows from a pre-programmed playing profile what to do exactly with the hand you have been dealt with. He can do that pre-flop, on the flop turn and river.

When the flop is dealt he includes and compares these three community cards with your hand and re-calculate and re-evaluate your hand strength and what to do with it. The same for the turn and river. It is an amazing kind of software. This poker software is in use by the serious player who makes good money playing online poker.

Day in day out. By using the poker brain he always knows the proper odds and it prevent him from being on tilt, thus playing against the odds. Because the online poker player gets a lot of hands dealt per hour it is imperative that this way of playing will make him money in the long run.

Some pokerbrains have even an amazing feature called strategy profiling. It makes it possible for you to define every situation with an optimum strategy decision table by yourself or supplied by third party profilers to even go beyond the standard play. By purchasing or designing the right profiles you have unlimited control and power over your opponents at the pokertable It has all kind of columns and special setting where you define for instance when I have AA I always raise no matter what position.

When I have AT off-suit and it is raised and re-reraises I fold but when no one opens and I sit on the button with AT, I raise myself to pick up the blinds. Or when i have a small pair i fold it except when i have 5 callers or more. This and all imaginable situation can be defined in the profile sections of the pokerbrains. How about including in a profile that says if everyone check on the flop and turn and river and I have only two opponents against me and they are so tight players that surely they do not have anything I bluff bet and pick up the pot scenario. Yes, pokerbrains can bluff to if the profile has defined it.

Yes, pokerbrains can slow play your full house on the flop, Yes, pokerbrains can check raise your top pair to thin out the field.Yes, you can define this to do it only 50% of the time or never when my opponent are so tight that maybe I should just bet out instead hoping for check-raise.

All this and more can be defined in the profiles strategy sections of the pokerbrains. Amazing isn’t it! One major benefit of using this pokerbrains also is you become so much faster an expert player, in no time. Oh, you like tournament play instead of cash game. No problem these pokerbrains have the ability to adjust accordingly. Are you playing heads-up in a sit’n’go tournament the pokerbrain loads the head-up profile and starts outplaying your opponent. You as an online pokerplayer should become profound in using the software program to enhance your online poker profits. But is it legal is it not cheating? No, it is not. You do not cheat.

Remember you only get to see your own cards and the community cards. No hole cards of your opponents are displayed. At least not during play. Some poker brains have the ability to retrieve after a showdown the mucked hands against the winning hands.

By this you can quickly even further learn how and what your opponents are playing. There is no information revealed by the pokerbrains that can not be revealed or calculated by yourself. It has no unfair-advantage over other players. Playing online poker with your friend sitting next to you and discussing what to do with your hand is also no problem for the poker sites and is done most of the time anyway.

It is fun and both learn from each other during the play. And your friend is a pokerbrain nothing wrong with that. 😉 This is in short the essence of a pokerbrain software program. If you need more explanation or other information feel free to join our forum where everything relevant is discussed of the pokerbrain topic and beyond. You can contact us also by email for further questions: The best reviews should be checked for the participation in the leagues to get the benefit. At Judi online site, the playing experience of the poker players is great to meet with the requirements and interest. There is an enhancement in the bank account while playing at the website. 

Did you know that the primary reason most poker players loose their bankroll is because they do not fold, call or raise according to the proper odds! With a pokerbrain you always know the odds every time and all the time!! Did you know that the second most important reason poker players loose their bankroll is because they are playing on tilt after a few meaningless bad beats! With a pokerbrain you always play without being on tilt every time and all the time!!