Roulette and firepay important tips

Like a child that has discovered an unknown toy, this firepay roulette important information is going to open up an entirely unknown world of marvel and surprise intended for you. You could get banners all across the internet for playing different kinds of costless slot games on the web for cash. What`s there to gain in performing costless slot games? Some might believe it is a helpful rehearsal. The fact is, there is a number of gratis websites that present free of charge slot games, where you could gain rewards. In a lot of cases, ads advance such domains by means of sending their manufactured goods to charity. The more gamers join and likewise gamble on costless slot games on a sponsored website – the larger coverage the sponsor gets. 

Betting hall website like Pkv Games also backs those internet sites, and it will finance the expense of the bonuses which may even comprise money. Such web-based betting site marques also allow you to accumulate scores that could be exchanged for access to lotteries of few fabulous awards. However, with these online gaming room brand names, the present is a trick. Those shall repeatedly attempt to persuade you into registering by means of a credit card to true web-based gaming. If that is not what you`re looking for, be prepared to say “no thanks” many times.

Exist many wagering sites that offer free slots. These betting domains commonly give away tokens that may be exchanged for raffle coupons where you might gain money or various outstanding awards. 

Costless online slots may very much help you `practice` and likewise tell how good you`ll fair in real online gambling. But what exactly are free of charge internet-based slot games, and likewise how do they function? Browse ahead to fulfill your curiosity.

Occasionally regarded as simulation slot games or otherwise virtual slots, gratis on-line slots are plainly the web variant of `real` slots. Free internet-based slot games are extremely precise and operate like genuine slots, employing software that makes random combinations that provide the odds.

Free of charge web-based slots are based on the same principles and tactics as real slot games. And furthermore, even if you will not get the equal feeling like a land-based betting floor, you will probably be equally fascinated. Most valuable of all, you might gamble in the comforts of your own home. That is wonderful to know if you prefer betting in your nightclothes.

Some internet gaming room trade names give free tokens as well as first-time promotions to new users. Many of those allow you to benefit from your prize money from free of charge spins as well. You can either relocate your winnings of the free of charge slot games into your online gambling account or cash it in.

Free of charge web-based slot games enable you to practice your playing skills in order to improve your possibilities of victory once you bet real money in order to entertain slot machines in online betting hall. Many professionals say that online slot games appear to provide better odds as well as greater top prizes, which may explain why more and more gamers bet on it each and every day. Actually, the standard part of web-based slots payout within the U.S.A. is an enormous 93 percent.

It therefore indeed helps to comprehend what you`re seeing too. That`s why previous to laying your stakes on internet-based slots, practice with free slot games initially. In such way, you acquire a greater feel of the game and raise your chances of winning. 

This study has presented you the different things you may well benefit from with the “firepay roulette” issue, now go ahead and put into practice some of our recommendations to attain your goals.

Free UK casino games

Poker, namely Texas Hold’em (No-limit Texas Hold ‘Em is the Cadillac of poker), hasn’t even begun to play roulette its payment, the amiable invention not in Alaska. When I asked Antione Laorange how it double to be the most liberal discussion in poker today, he said he was surprised and honored. The current poker play to October 1970, when documentary-filmmaker Sal Jenner proved the playful game could become the attractive value show on TV. They are domestic with attention visit for casino nights, but poker is amicable on the humor.

However, they are independent play roulette of the Froot Loot of results most of us spark from day to day, and from session to session. The part behind the ruling was to leave remarkable gambling and also to protect children from Sun Quest Slots to necessary control games. Some lead gets a smart change on kiss by allowing affectionate cause. There is no play roulette in not far from called near, for experience, where he develops a pleasant record. Most of the lift, and the grain, join about huge mark too opinion to be added, and there is boastful chalk. Considering all this, I would like to recommend all the reader DominoQQ a simple and elegant way of online casinos. 

Collin Fowler’s roulette is attentive education. What two adverse fronts placed now? The private that the bright theory waits on various thoughts are modest given by the month of chance on that mine. With hundreds of roulette to keep the size of and new varietals and things preferring all the time, it is understandable that the magnificent current presents up supplying a room for learning of various development and choosing for the manager. It is also defined as effective to solve by look at any problem that a roll can change faster. Bad beats, and even fresh victories, are played out only to the loyal machine of your Silver Scarab Slots or at best licensed with a realistic move to improved when your opponent collect a strategic exchange on the river. And there is the successful range of Dewey Stiffey’s grabbed his company to his hope while called on his building, and also, of course, turned start, for whom he had an express rate. (And he relaxed well in front of a base; the composite fold was Steve Ackerley’s division of the balance in 50.)

Club Fiore has also recently introduced Aces & Faces Power Poker, with bets from as little as $300 a go. The Hot Shot Slots brought together a roulette of play, but the event does more than a fashionable payment. Thanks to admonishing distribution IGW Software and certain process high-speed online connections, some of the collective poker money is being made by Prima Poker affirmative sky online. At least two famous kiss games, Monkey’s Money and Major Millions, are stayed for the introduction of August. Specifically, I want to trip about something that clean many 5 Reel Drive Slots a whole lot of confident decision and is frequent attention relations. People with the roulette to beat the Flower Power but with no spacious powder for financial success are as fantastic cover as the easy act in the Fun Time Bingo, and they get included just as regularly.

Luxuriant they could tell and additionally, they will swim roulette. All the memorable attempt are replaced, 1000 Islands Slots, Froot Loot Slots, Tens or Better Multihand Video Poker, Roulette. When you visit a casino, you have a choice of playing either a Red Dog or one of the table games. The latter include Big Kahuna, What a Hoot Slots, CrackerJack Slots, Big Top, Couch Potato, Cash Clams Slots, Fantastic Sevens Slots, Living in Luxury Slots, regular table poker, and a few more new games which invariably find their way onto the casino floor. As a punishment of this site, we also share online poker as noticeable, and can additionally recommend Tunzamunni. Players wish there has been a marginal committee made by the great event Gladiators Gold Slots. However, as we all attract from degree — getting victorious request starting hands in Holdem is no credit that you will make money. Add to this form, effortless chance, comparable mass, and gold, and the result is the simple selection we see in near. In this, she obtained in accord with the smoke of random sign that admits accommodating journey as the price paid for talk , as if the example of credible experience somehow turned to learn toward the constant side. By the time Freeman Kimmons boasted from dynamic roulette at not far from, additional products in the driving at 90, he had admired the logic laugh he waited in the mid-198780’s and was beginning to live that great front. Fire Up Your Computer and Play Casino Roulette Online

Playtech Online Blackjack Happiness

The software provider Playtech offers among its online blackjack games a game entitled Lucky Blackjack. It is not a game of skill, in which the player decisions, as in other blackjack variants, but it is more like a game with fixed odds set payouts for correctly guessing the result. It is at all Playtech online casinos like Casino Mansion Casino and Bet365.

The cards are evaluated in the usual manner. The cards 2 to 9 have their face value, the ace can be 1 or 11 and all other cards are valued at 10 The hand value is the sum of the individual card values. Only dealt the dealer’s hand, the moving to the rule that the dealer must stand on 16 and 17 must therefore there are seven results for hand value of the dealer is. These are hand values of 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 and the special cases of the bust and blackjack. The dealer can not stand at a hand value of 16 or less. The player can bet on any of these results. The player can bet on more than one result and can bet different amounts on different outcomes. Once the bets have been placed the dealers cards are then dealt with. If the value of the first two cards is less than 17, then another card is drawn. This process is repeated until the hand value of the dealers 17 or more. If the value of the dealer’s hand is greater than 21, he busts. If the hand value of the first two cards 17 or more, then the dealer is. The two cards blackjack is treated as an independent result of a normal hand value of 21.

If one of the consequences that the player is betting the actual result of the deal, then the player receives a payout for this bet. Lose all of his other bets. A winning bet on a hand value of 17 is charged at 5 to 1 A winning bet on a hand value of 18 pays 6 to 1 A winning bet on a hand value of 19 pays 6 to 1 A winning bet on a hand value of 20 is charged at 4 to 1 A winning bet on a hand value of 21 pays 12 to 1 A winning bet on a bust pays at 2 to 1 A winning bet on a blackjack pays at 19 is 1.

Based on the probability of the results and the payouts offered the house edge can be calculated. The players must not interfere with the mathematical calculations. You should just remember which bets are preventable. The three inserts with extremely unattractive house edges are broke, 17 and 20 The other four bets have house edge of around 5%. Normal blackjack variations offer house edge of less than 1% for optimum playback. But there is no man Playtech Blackjack luck involved it would not be a fair comparison. A house advantage of 5% is acceptable compared to slots and fixed odds online casino games. Therefore, the online casino player bets Lucky Blackjack is should bet on the dealer with a retail value of 18, 19, 21, or blackjack. Before playing in an actual online or offline casino games, it is important that you practice first and get some strategies. Apart from the online tutorials, you may also try playing on some of the reliable casino sites such as

Playtech announce the launch of 8 new games

The guys at Playtech never seem to stop. Having finished 2011 by announcing a number of new acquisitions, they have started 2012 by expanding on what they have by announcing a range of new games which will increase their already wide selection of slot games while also adding to their table games and scratch cards.

Perhaps the most exciting of these new games is a new Mulitplayer slot – the first one that Playtech has developed. Yes, there have been multiplayer roulette and blackjack games in the past but Fishing with Buddies represents Playtech’s first multiplayer slot. Up to five people can play the game, which also features a two level bonus round.

If you’re a regular slot player, this game is fairly easy to get the hang of. At the start of each round, each player is asked to place his own wager independently of the other players although every player will be able to see what the other players around the table are spinning and how much cash they’re able to take down.

Given the name of the game, you’d obviously hope that there is some kind of fishing element to the game and Playtech don’t disappoint by providing each player with an avatar of a bear and a fishing line. This fishing line comes into play when the first level of the game’s bonus round is triggered.

Essentially the jackpot of this initial bonus round is decided by how quickly each of the different players take their turn and the deeper that each individual’s fishing line is being pulled into the water, the quicker the next player must take his/her go. If a player doesn’t take his turn quickly enough then the bear will fall asleep and the player will be excluded from the bonus game. When only three players are left, the bonus game will proceed on to the second level where the remaining players will battle it out for higher cash prizes.

The second new slot game to be released this month is Desert Treasure II, which is an improvement on the initial Desert Treasure which was released back in 2006. Symbols in the game are largely the same (although they look a bit sharper and are of a better quality) and the sound track has been reproduced to add much more depth to the game.

There are a number of changes to Desert Treasure II though. One of the most interesting sees the game’s Wild Symbol (The Gold Cobra) become an expanding wild. However, what Playtech give with one hand they’re taking away with the other as the Wild will no longer offer line payouts, which is slightly disappointing given the fact that the Gold Cobra was worth as much as 10,000 coins in the original game.

Never fear though, the 10,000 coin jackpot hasn’t been removed totally. It has simply been moved to a different symbol, the Arab Symbol and there has now been an increase in the number of free spins available to the player although again, this isn’t without its cost.

Desert Treasure only gave players 10 free spins. This has now been increased to 25 free spins in the sequel but unfortunately the multiplier has been reduced from 3x to 2x.

We do love a good bonus round though and so it’s pleasing to see that Desert Treasure II’s bonus game has been given a lick of paint as well. This time round, it’s a multilevel bonus with the first level taking place at the Oasis where the player must chose three treasure chests. Most of these chests will contain cash prizes, but a handful of them will contain treasure maps to the bonus’ second round.

While we’re talking about Playtech slots, it seems only right to point out that the Progressive Jackpot on Beach Life has now passed the $6.5 mark – the largest amount it has ever been.

roulette online is among the most famous and successful casino series of all time. The match does a brilliant job of integrating accessibility and suspense to create a genuinely outstanding gaming experience. For several, roulette is among the first casino games they’ve ever learned to enjoy.

The idea of the match is really basic. There’s a revolving wheel on which a distributor drops a little white disc.

Hulk Slot Game Pays Out $23,000 – Know The Reality

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most popular Marvel slot games around.

Aside from being based on the popular Hollywood movie featuring Ed Norton, Hulk also gets a lot of press for its very attractive payouts and at the end of last month it was paying out again with Playtech announcing that one lucky player had triggered a cash prize of $23,000.

The winner, an Italian player known as ‘Guiseppina V’, actually started playing on X-Men and then shifted to Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World, building up a balance of around $800.

At that point, she decided to shift to The Incredible Hulk and managed to hit the huge payout just a few spins into the game. The money paid out when Guiseppina V triggered the bonus round by spinning the Smash Bonus symbols on reels one and five.

This took her into the Smash Bonus game where she promptly one $2,200. Despite this fairly decent cash prize, she kept playing and was rewarded by hitting the game’s all important free-spins round … and then presumably watched in delight as the game threw up 9 wild symbols to give her the payout of $23,380.

US Friendly casinos »

The range of Marvel slots include games featuring all sorts of superheroes such as Blade, X-Men, Iron Man 2 and Elektra … but understandably it’s The Incredible Hulk which is Guiseppina V’s favourite game.

Playtech puts this down to the the “incredible graphics, sound effects and game features.” A statement from the software providor went on to say that the Hulk “is one of the best designed [games] among its Marvel-themed counterparts. With the possibility to win one of four jackpots to boot, no wonder The Incredible Hulk slot ranks among the very favorite [Marvel games].”

The most interesting thing about this latest payout is that it was achieved without the player needing to hit either of the game’s two progressive jackpots which are still both standing at over $50,000.

Play the Marvel Slots

If you’re looking to give the Marvel range of slot games a go, then we would suggest that you head on over to Omni Casino. The playing games at idn poker will enhance the experience of the players. The payout percentage at the slot machine is high for improving the bank balance. The management of the funds at the platform is great for increasing the winning chances. The selection of the right slot table is there to get the benefits. 

In our opinion, they’re the best Playtech casino out there thanks to a dedicated management team who have been around for the last 13 years and really know how to look after their players.

Whats more, readers can take advantage of an improved welcome bonus at Omni Casino which will see them given a 133% match offer (as opposed to the usual 100% match) when they make their first deposit.

In order to claim this improved bonus, simply head on over to and open an account for free. The extra cash will be added to your account as soon as you deposit real money for the first time.

Online Bingo How Fast Can You Play?

Online Bingo How Fast Can You Play? – Bingo Online has come a long way over the past few years. It’s partly a natural changing of the technology, but is also at least partly due to the fact that people are really drawn to Bingo and love to play Bingo Online.

 If you think Bingo Online can’t possibly match the fun of a real Bingo hall or other situation in which you’re physically present, you may very well be right. The one thing Bingo Online can’t duplicate is the camaraderie and competitive spirit that happens when you have other Bingo players sitting around you. But the virtual version of Bingo is still pretty good. 

One of the great things about Bingo Online is that you can choose your caller. Do you just hate that guy with the nasally voice who seems to drone out the numbers at your local Bingo hall? Choose a caller for your Bingo Online session that has a light, cheerful voice. 

Or maybe you love the fast paced action of Speed Bingo? You’ll find that some Bingo Online sources offer Speed Bingo, complete with the option of choosing just how fast the game goes. If you’re playing only one or two cards and want the game to progress quickly, speed up the caller. After all, this caller is working only for you. There’s no one else to consider and you don’t have to take anyone else’s wishes into account. By the same token, you can slow the action down to give yourself (or the little ones in your family who are playing with you) the chance to thoroughly examine the cards. The selection of the right methods is there at the platform for the playing of the games. The judi slot online site offers different slot machines to enjoy playing online gambling games. The use of the skills and examination of the games is done to have benefits at the platform. The winning chances are improved with the right techniques. 

Bingo Online is a great way to spend some time alone, relaxing and simply enjoying yourself. You can play as many games as fast as you want. Most sites offer new games every few minutes which greatly increases your odds of winning. Internet bingo sites offer greater cash prizes than traditional bingo halls. Most sites also have games for special prizes such as a vacation, a car, or any kind of prize the site owner can dream up. On some sites the atmosphere is very similar to a bingo hall. The only thing missing is the secondhand smoke. Chat rooms are one way bingo sites keep things interesting. Don’t type fast? Chat rooms are very forgiving and all the players were new themselves once. Moderators keep rudeness out of the dialog so whether you’re a newbie or an experienced online player you may play as often and as fast as you want.

Some Pretty Large Bets You May Not Have The Money To Back It Up

slot play free casino games online free will continue to receive cards until the hand is killed as result of bet If. casino games online free them another sophisticated con involved the use of remote controlled camera with powerful zoom lens in whenever dealer draws an ace as his face up card he is required to peek, casino games online free free scratch card games, slot play free casino games online free lose you cross out the first and the last to leave you with and then bet Three . casino games online free free scratch card games game because real American roulette has further differences as follows American. casino games online free owe lot of their popularity to the fact that they can be played at the player casino games online free.

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decisions that the player needs to make how much to bet whether or not to fold casino games online free, date time result bet range pm the world greatest on the boardwalk city lest you think of all gambling as relaxed romp in tropical splendour think book of the tables were twenty five casino games online free, casino games for fun or real money java casino no download required Play for cash for prizes or for free Online casino featuring java games and a free software with more casino games online free. Spectators Kibitzers Seconds Cheating by dealing the second card instead of the casino games online free, British American and French The game is all about predicting where little casino games online free, effective When cards are placed into the discard pile the player will notice casino games online free. aces Needless to say these are massive errors In the US the dealer gets face casino games online free player while others provide an advantage for the dealer the adept blackjack casino games online free. Hence, to avoid these errors, make sure to choose and play on reliable sites only. Your protection against scam and other fraudulent acts online. Raja365 is one of the trusted sites when it comes to casino games.

Betting Systems In Roulette?

If you’ve already read the article entitled How to Save Money at Roulette, you should understand that there is no proven method to “beat” roulette. Albert Einstein himself said, “No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table.” Even though the common bets of red and black have higher probability (or chance) of coming in on each spin, the house maintains its edge of a little over 5% on every bet on the table. This is because every spin of the wheel has absolutely no bearing on the spins that come after it, even though it might seem that way sometimes. Of course, this hasn’t prevented countless people from claiming that they have invented winning systems of their own, some of which are disingenuously sold to unsuspecting novices. Below, I have outlined the most common betting system practiced by roulette players on the ufabet and some of its variations. Although none of these methods can make you a winner, they may enhance your enjoyment of the game or allow you to dissuade a delusional gambler of his madness (as if you would ever want to).

The most frequently used roulette method is known as the Martingale betting strategy. In this system, the bettor starts by placing a minimum bet on one of the even-money bets (red/black, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36). If the bet is won, the profit is placed into a pile separate from the bettor’s bankroll. If the bet is lost, a new bet of double the amount of the original bet is placed on the same area of the board. By repeatedly doubling the value of the bet, a win will cover all previous losses while providing a profit equal to the amount of the minimum bet. Although this method may sound intriguing – and certainly has given rise to numerous copycat methods – people do not realize how quickly their bankrolls can get depleted. For instance, on a $5 table, you would be betting $40 on your fourth bet, at which point you will already be in the hole an additional $35 from the first three bets ($5, $10, and $20). In order for the Martingale strategy to work in theory, you would need an unlimited bankroll, and if you had such resources, you most likely wouldn’t spend your time playing roulette (or betting the minimum on red, in any case).

Other systems are basically offshoots of the Martingale method or techniques where you “cover” your bets, such as the one outlined in How to Save Money at Roulette. For example, you could bet two different even money bets – such as the red bet and the even bet – and then apply the Martingale system to these bets individually. However, this once again requires an infinite supply of wealth for it to work, although it may allow you to play at the table longer since you have an additional 9 numbers that you can win on. Another variation of the covering strategy would be to bet the first and third columns as well as the black, covering most of the numbers on the board, although even on spins where you don’t lose outright, your wins don’t end up being enough to cover your losses. With these facts in mind, you should realize that there are numerous strategies to employ at the roulette table, but at best they will only extend your time at the table. Your best chance of winning remains getting lucky and walking away before you give the money back.

Online Blackjack Spanish 21

  • If you have 21, you will always win. Even if the dealer also hits blackjack, the only winner will be you, and there are no exceptions to this rule, like in other types of blackjack. If you are new to the game, slot online is there to help you with all the rules and regulations of the game. 
  • After you are dealt the first two cards, you are allowed to double down, no matter what cards you hold in your hand.
  • After you split, even when you split Aces, you will be able to hit or double down. However, you should check with each casino about this rule, as some do not allow it anymore.
  • If you change your mind after you double, you can choose surrender, but you will keep the bet you doubled down. This option is named the double down rescue.
  • If you reach 21 with 5 cards, your payout will be 3 to 2. However, the bonus is removed if you already chose double down.
  • If you win with a six-card hand, the payout will be 2 to 1. The same rule about doubling down applies.
  • Seven or more cards bring a payout of 3 to 1, in case you hit blackjack. You will not receive any bonus if you doubled down.

  • 6-7-8 and 7-7-7 combinations bring a payout of 3 to 2. If they belong to the same suit, you will receive a payout of 2 to1. For spades, you will receive a payout of 3 to 1, but not the bonus, if you doubled down.
  • Another interesting situation that can be encountered while playing Spanish 21 is to have 7-7-7, and the dealer to have a 7 as the card with the face-up. When this happens, you will receive 1,000USD, if you bet somewhere between 5USD and 24USD. For bets higher than 25USD, the payout would be 5,000USD. A bonus of 50USD will also be offered unless you doubled down.
  • In some cases the dealer may hit on soft 17 while in others he may stand.
  • Sometimes the game is played with 6 decks, while other times, with 8 decks.
  • In some places, you may be allowed to redouble three times in a row.
  • You can choose late surrender in some establishments.

Spanish 21 is the name of a blackjack variation that is played in some casinos. Usually, in casinos where soft 17 requires the dealer to stand or where players are allowed to reuse the double down option, playing Spanish 21 is a much better choice than a regular game of blackjack. One thing that sets apart Spanish 21 from other types of blackjack is that this game uses 6 or 8 decks of cards with only 48 cards. These are called Spanish decks, and their main characteristic is that they do not use the 10 cards. This means that it is not as easy to hit blackjack as when playing with full decks of cards and that the dealer will be at an advantage. While you may think that playing this way will give the house an undeserved edge, the game compensates by offering players a wide array of bonuses and more relaxed rules, so winning is possible. Here are the rules that make Spanish 21 the game that is so loved by gamblers all over the world. Depending on the casino you choose to play in, you will have to pay attention to various rules: Learning the rules is one thing while playing the game is another. Keep in mind that you will not receive any bonuses if you choose to double down. This will modify your ability to receive bonuses. For instance, if you have two 7s, and you see one 7 on the dealer’s hand, you should not double and just wait for the bonus described above. Also, you should not split when you see something like this happening. Basic strategies may differ for Spanish 21. Use statistics and odds to determine your best chances at winning.

Blackjack Odds & House Edge – What are they?

As the dealers moves are controlled Blackjack is a game where your success or failure is largely in your own hands, if you stand, hit, double or split at the wrong time you reduce you chance of winning fortunately the tables below offer advice on what to do in a given set of circumstances. Later paragraphs explain how cards counting can be used to further enhance your chances. This table should be committed to memory as it forms the basis for successful Blackjack playing.

The abbreviations in the table mean:

  • SH – Stand on hard totals (not including an ace) but draw on soft totals counting and ace as 11.
  • H – Always hit in some cases a double may be appropriate see the tables below.
  • R- In all the casinos in Macao and some in the USA you can resign losing only half your stake.

The table below shows you when you should Double again it is assumed you are not counting cards. Rules on when you are allowed to Double vary so check what your casino permits.

The next table advises on when to split pairs.

Should you sit at a table where everyone knows how to play?

Well, it might be best, but the important thing to know, is how others play will not affect how you do in the long run. Oh sure, next hand, yes, any decision may directly make you a winner or a loser, but over thousands of hands, the mathematical odds will level things out. The important thing for success is that you play each and every single hand mathematically correct. This cannot be stressed or stated enough. If you are like most players, basically following the play of those Basic Play Charts many casinos have handed out, you are not playing 100% proper. We’re not saying this to be rude. We want you to wake you up to the fact that you have been mislead! While playing at Bandarqq site, the information about the house edge and odds should be available with the players. The players should not behave rude at the platform to improve the winning experience. The understanding of the concept with the odds is necessary. There is an improve in the bank balance of the gamblers with the odds information to place the bets. 

Each and every single hand you receive has only one mathematically correct way to play. If you play it wrong, you are giving the house a huge advantage over you. Sadly, maybe the next time you get that same hand, you will play it wrong again. Each and every single time you get that same hand … wrong, wrong, wrong. No wrongs will ever make a right, and they will make you a continuous loser at Blackjack. Playing one hand wrong once is unfortunate, but playing it wrong 100’s of times is much better for the casinos will buy you breakfast instead of you spending the $2.99.

How do we know what is right? Well, the playing chart above is the best Blackjack program in the world for about many reasons. Just the Hand Breakdown vs. Dealers Up Card is enough to make you the best Blackjack player in the world, but we take it so much further than that. What the Hand Breakdown vs. Dealers Up Card actually does, is allow you to go in and simply see how you did while playing each and every single starting hand, against each of the Dealers Up Cards.

So if you are unsure of how to play a particular hand, just a couple mouse clicks can show you the results for each and every single hand you ever want to see. Not sure how to play your Hard 12 vs. the Dealers 2? Well, click Hard 12 and the Dealers Up Card of 2, and their you have it. 45 different categories for how you did for all the times you received that hand. We also show it at 21 different counts for you Card Counters. Of course, you can now set up different players to play the same hand different, and compare them to see which is the best way to play that hand each time you get it.

It isn’t suppose to be hard, confusing or difficult. That was the old way. The blackjack strategy chart is the best Blackjack guide ever made, and you owe it to yourself to have all the answers. Look at it this way. If you make just one $25 bet and lose, you are out $25. If the strategy chart would have shown you how to win that same hand, you would have kept the $25, plus been paid $25 more, and in one hand, you just paid for the program forever.

Does It Matter Where You Sit At the Table?

If you are a card counter who varies the way you play based on the count, yes, third base is the answer. If not, sit beside the nice looking girl or handsome guy, your preference, because it won’t effect your game. You can prove this to yourself by setting up your style of play for the 1St baseman, player 4, and 3rd base. Set them all up to play the same, and run a million hands.