Chinese Gambling Games Greatly Influence American Casinos

Go to any American casino and these days you’ll find an assortment of Chinese gambling games awaiting your attention. There’s no doubt that the Chinese culture has exerted its influence on American gambling. Here’s a list and a brief description of some of the most interesting Chinese gambling games. But you won’t find all of them at our American casinos.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a cross of American Poker and a Chinese tile game. It’s two-fisted poker, since the object is to hold the highest two poker hands. One is a five-card hand and the other just two cards. Players oppose a banker who can be the casino or a player with enough courage and dollars to oppose all the others. You see Pai Gow Poker in virtually all American casinos and around the world.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo translated is dice pair. You play on a special table, using three standard dice. There are a variety of bets you can place and you win based on the results of the roll. Payoff is based upon the odds schedule of the resultant combinations. Many land-based casinos in the U.K., the U.S., and Macau feature Sic Bo.

Fan Tan

Fan Tan was once the favorite of all Chinese gambling games. But its heyday has come and gone. Don’t confuse this Traditional Fan Tan with the card game bearing the same name. Cards aren’t used for this somewhat improvised game. Objects like beans, buttons, or coins are covered by a bowl placed within a square. The four sides of this square and its corners bear numbers. The gamblers bet on these numbers and the house removes four objects from beneath the bowl at a turn until only one group remains. If the number of objects remaining match the number you have from the square, you win. Today you can play Fan Tan mostly on Internet sites or in Macau.


An ancient Chinese tile game, rumored to have been invented by Confucius himself, Mahjong has reaped the world. Mahjong boasts not only a large, devoted fan base for its American variation, but it has many variants of scoring and even different amounts of tiles in its Cantonese, Japanese, and Vietnamese incarnations, among others. Mahjong is very popular online as well.

It’s clear to see that Chinese gambling games have brought a taste of the exotic to American casinos that players are not wishing to give up. In places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Chinese gambling games have taken up permanent residence beside the traditionally popular casino games. Players are intrigued and excited by the tight odds and fast play. Surely, Chinese gambling games as a means of entertainment in American casinos are here to stay.

Even situs poker online was a popular Chinese invention that the Americans were hooked to and beginners were provided an opportunity to practice this one for the bigger games in the casino where they would have high stakes.

What Are The 5 Worst Poker Advices One Should Ignore?

Basically, there are lots of ways as well as platforms through which one can easily play poker games since it is mandatory to consider all the rules and regulations before starting the match. As a reason, by acknowledging the rules, one can easily earn money as well as play gambling games. When we talk about situs judi online, then it is one of the biggest platforms where you will get lots of opportunities for playing games. There are lots of strategies as well as tricks one needs to make for playing poker games. Despite this, there is some 5 worst poker advice which you should ignore, and in the lower section, you will be going to read them. 

  1. Whenever you are visiting a casino, then some people will suggest you drink before playing the game. You need to avoid this advice because it is not beneficial to drink as a reason it may distract you from playing the game. 
  2. Don’t trust anyone because gambling games are played by creating strategies, and here you need to believe only on your strategies rather than believing in any other player.
  3. We all know that casinos are specially designed for attracting the players, but you need to be in senses while visiting a casino. As a reason, becoming over-excited can become harmful for you so related to all the things with fun and enjoyment. 
  4. Do not lay all your money on the table because it will give a hint to the other person about your money, so try to avoid this thing and advice given by other players.
  5. Check your name on the waiting list so that it becomes helpful for you to play the game on your turn only.

All the 5 worst poker advice one should ignore is listed on the above section so that it will help you to win and play games easily. 

Folding Your Way to Winning Poker

Folding. Giving up the hand. It sounds like a bad way to help your bankroll. However, it’s the action you should be doing the most if you’re a winning player. By folding at the right times, you can maximize your chances and minimize your loses.

I will use Texas Hold ’em as an example game, but a lot of the same advice applies to other games.

Here are some of the best times to fold.

Fold bad hands before the flop.

At an eight person Hold ’em game, you are only forced to put money in on the Small Blind and Big Blind positions. If you have a bad starting hand, fold the cards. There is no need to put any money in on bad cards.

Be patient. Another hand will come along in a minute or so.

Take this down time to watch the other players. Much easier to watch the action and see how the other people play a hand out when you are sitting waiting for the next hand.

A lot of winning players fold 70-80% of their hands before the flop.

Fold when the flop misses you

You were patient and folded all the bad hands. Finally, a good drawing hand comes along. You call or raise as appropriate. The flop comes and misses you completely. You have no pair and no draw. Someone before you bets.

Fold. Save the money. Short of a miracle, you have no chance of winning. Save the chips for another hand. Remember, chips not lost count as much as chips won.

Fold when you are beat

This is trickier. You have top pair and top kicker. There have been bets and raises down to the end. The guy you are sure is chasing the flush has stuck in even though he only has one spade o three on the board. A fourth spade hits and he lights up like a Christmas tree. He leads out with a bet. Dump it.

Sometimes, it’s not so clear. But if you listen to yourself, and trust your instincts, you should learn when to do this.

You will occasionally fold a winner, but you will fold many more losers.

By saving chips you would have thrown away on bad situations, you have them for when the odds are more favorable. And getting you money in with the right odds is a great way to increase your bankroll.

To conclude, folding is one of the best forms of poker that you can have because there are times when giving up your big hands that give you an edge over your opponents that turn the tables at a crucial turning point in the match unlike a bandarq online where you simply have to rely on the artificial players.

Reasons Why Casinos Always Win over the players!

The casino games are offering many opportunities for gamblers to make money. You can also create an account on the gambling website to earn a huge amount of money. Online casinos allow gamblers to play against real gamblers from all around the world. When you invest in a casino, you will win the game or lose it. Winning the slot online games will reward you with a huge amount of money. With the help of implementing some effective tips, you can enhance your winning chances. 

While playing casino games, you may have noticed that the casinos will always win over the players. No matter how much time you spend playing, the casino will always win. If you want to know why the house always wins, you should read the points which have been mentioned below. 

The house edge 

House edge is a built-in advantage of every casino, and you should keep this thing in mind. No matter what you are playing, the odds of casino winning will always be greater than the odds of the player winning money.  It is also one of the reasons why the house always wins over the gamblers. 

Mentality of players 

If you are playing slot games and losing money continuously, then you will have to face a huge loss. In this situation, you may think that you will start winning eventually. Players with this type of mentality will face major money losses. Due to this, the casinos can also get major earnings.

Popularity of gambling 

The increasing popularity of gambling encourages people to start their journey in the gambling world. When they play various types of casino games on a daily basis, then it can also help casinos to earn a huge amount of money.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: How to Camp and Survive

So be studying maps, and choosing the right location for your camping spots you’ll be a much more formidable opponent in Modern Warfare 2. Being able to survive and maintain a solid kill death ratio will make you an asset to any Modern Warfare 2 team, and it will make you a dead soldier in the realm of Xbox live. There really is just a rule when it comes to Modern Warfare, and it’s simple and basic. By following this one rule you’ll be assured victory and be able to avoid death. The best rule to live by in Modern Warfare 2 is “Just Don’t Die!”Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360 has many new innovations in terms of gameplay, but some things stay the same, like survival! Survival is the name of the game when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 and in order to be a good player, you’ll need to know the basics of staying alive that you can find on Domino QQ. This may sound easy enough, but when you’re playing Modern Warfare 2 over Xbox live you’ll soon realize that survival can be a tricky game of trial and error, with the penalty of error being death. You’ll have to learn how to balance good camping skills, with concealment techniques, but yet maintain a good solid kill death ratio at the same time to stay competitive with other Modern Warfare 2 players.

The first step to becoming a good survivalist and obtaining a solid kill death ratio is understanding the term camping in Modern Warfare 2. Camping is a term used when a player uses a single spot for the majority of his life and kills opposing Modern Warfare 2 players without moving. Camping is a technique that may be cursed at and looked down upon by some Xbox live gamers, but it is the ultimate survival strategy, and that’s what Modern Warfare 2 is all about survival!

Modern Warfare 2 was designed in a couple of unique ways, and one of the design techniques focused on making it hard for any player to set up a good nest for camping, which holds true to real life. In Modern Warfare 2 you’ll be faced with many unique challenges when trying to find the right spot to set up base and camp at, yet still, eliminate other players to achieve a good score. The first key in finding a well-rounded camping spot that will further your score, but keep you alive is to get to know the levels of Modern Warfare 2.

Play all the Modern Warfare 2 maps online and try and pinpoint what pathways are the most traveled. On a level like the Favela where there are a lot of city streets, you’ll need to determine which streets are the most often used? Also, look for areas in the level that players will re-spawn at often. When you have determined what areas of the map are frequently used you’ll need to move onto the next step in Modern Warfare survival, and that’s finding a good base camp to set up in.

When spotting a good location you’ll need to look for a few very crucial details, and then act accordingly. When you have a location picked out, ask yourself the following questions. How many entrances are there to my location, Do I have a good view of my kill zone, How far of a distance is there between me and any possible target, what weapons will I need to utilize when in this location, and how will the environment affect my survival. Now that you have your basic five questions to help pick a good Modern Warfare survival spot, let’s begin to answer them.

Entrances and exits will be the first and most important question that you ask yourself when surviving in Modern Warfare 2. You need a location that has limited access, but yet will provide you will a good view and a fast exit if the need arises. Look for a location that has a minimum of two entrances, but a maximum of four, any more then this and you’ll be hard-pressed to cover your back. Two or three entrances are ideal because you can cover these locations with claymores, and remain safe, just play with scavenger to replenish your equipment each time you take down an opponent.

Modern Warfare 2 is a fast-paced game, especially over Xbox live, so once you find a location to set up camp be sure to watch your kill zone. Your kill zone will be the area that your camping location primarily overlooks, and it’s the area you picked out because of heavy enemy traffic. Your camping location must have a good clear view of your kill zone; otherwise, you’ll be sitting still and not gaining any points for the entire game. Aside from covering your entrances and exits making sure you have a good kill zone will be your most important priority.

The next two Modern Warfare survival techniques go hand in hand when setting up camp. What’s the maximum distance of any target I’m looking for and what weapon will I need to achieve my goal. If you using a sniper rifle, but your kill zone is located within twenty-five yards of your location you’re not doing yourself any good, you’d be better off using a close to mid-range weapons like the FAMAS or the M16. Just like using a shotgun to hit a target over ten yards away is a bad idea, you have to size up the distance of your targets in comparison to your location and the weapons your using. The best survival weapons will be your mid-range machine guns like the M16, M4 carbine, and FAMAS, as well as all of your sniper rifles.

The last Modern Warfare 2 survival tip when selecting a camping location is the location itself. You need to be aware of your environment in case of emergence, and for concealment purposes. You can set up on top of a high rise and expect to remain hidden and survive; you’ll be picked off by other Xbox live gamers within moments. Pick a spot that has plenty of cover in case your location is revealed and you need to hide from enemy fire. Also, be aware of walls and other surfaces in which grenades and RPGs can hit and explode causing shrapnel damage t

Dragon’s Dogma Review: Gameplay Top Notch

When it comes to open world RPGs, the only game in town for years has been Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. Now, however, a new contender has emerged from Japan: Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Does the Japanese made sword n’ board epic have what it takes to steal a few Elder Scrolls fans? Or is this sword’s edge dull?

Dragon’s Dogma proves a worthy entry to the open world RPG genre due to its fast paced, dynamic gameplay. The player character, called “The Arisen,” is athletic, regardless of what class is chosen: you can grab onto ledges, sprint across vast stretches of terrain, pick up and throw anything not bolted down, and, most impressively, grab onto and climb monsters!

It is the latter ability that is most enjoyable. The larger monsters in the game almost all require the player to leap up, grab on, and climb to various weak spots on the creature’s body. All the while the player has a stamina bar that is draining, so players have to balance their athletics against this meter, or else suffer a few moments where the player can’t move, making them vulnerable to enemy attack.

Helping you out if you do get winded, however, are your “pawns.” The pawns are Dogma’s party system, and also how it implements its online features. Each player has a personal pawn that is always theirs, and two that they “hire.” These hired hands are actually the personal pawns of all the other players that are playing Dragon’s Dogma (pawn data is uploaded to Capcom’s servers whenever you stay at an inn). In this way, every player contributes to every other player’s experience.

One element of that game that is lacking, though, is the story. The plot is somewhat hard to discern, and the localization seems overly fond of the word “aught.” There are some interesting story beats that seem undercooked: particularly involving the Duke. Additionally, characters can be romanced, and this turns out to have an important part in the story, but this is barely, if at all explained; and the only result of correctly “romancing” a character (called “affinity” in the game) is a simple pink glow and a light jingle when they talk to you.

Despite this though, the game offers an epic adventure that took this author well over 50 hours to complete. For hard core completists, there is a new game plus mode to take on after the credits roll, though I wish they had included a “premium adventure” mode (like in the Yakuza games), where you don’t start the story over, but can wander the world and complete all the left over side quests.

As in many games today, there is a bevy of DLC content to purchase, from weapons, armor, and additional quests.

Overall, Dragon’s Dogma is a worthy adversary to Skyrim and is certainly worth playing, especially for the player who is more concerned with gameplay over story. I’d check it out!

Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it is one of the best selling games of all time and For More Info regarding its level play, you can visit websites like steam powered to know about cheat codes that can be used to cross challenging obstacles on the way and tackle Skyrim in a befitting manner.

Five Poker Twitter Accounts Worth Following

All right. You’re a poker fan. You try to play with your friends at least once a week, and when the thirst for more action doesn’t die down, you go to Judi online terpercaya to play some more. You watch poker shows on television and begin to see a repeat of professional poker players’ faces. You begin turning into said television shows in hopes for some cheap entertainment, regarding a favorite hobby of yours.

You begin to buy poker books and poker magazines. You start to read about these individuals more and more. You like what you read. Their outgoing personalities along with their talent and success fascinates you, drawing you more into their world. You go online and visit a few poker sites to read up to date news within the community, and then you see that twitter is a really big deal in the poker community. Everyone chirps back and forth to their friends and fans, in-between hands, traveling around the world for tournaments, or while they wait for the cameras to roll during a future television episode recording.

So here are five twitter accounts that I personally find enjoyable to read, both as entertainment, and that I find interesting, that is somehow involved in the poker community. They’re in no particular order, and you might not even like some that I suggest, but they are a good starting point for daily entertainment.

1) Doyle Brunson (TexDolly):

One of the living poker legends from the past, Doyle Brunson is a man who has been around. People respect him, listen to him, follow in his footsteps, and sometimes wish they were him. He’s been playing decades before poker was popular when he would travel the country to find games that weren’t always safe. He’s a real living, breathing poker playing cowboy, and a cowboy’s mentality is now being chronicled online with twitter. To receive a twitter update from a tough guy like this, informing you why to never trust a blonde, is absolutely enjoyable. A man who has seen the good and bad of humanity still has time to joke with you, and I find that classic.

2) Daniel Negreanu (RealKidPoker):

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular professional poker players alive, and he’s only in his 30s. His raw talent to read people’s hands exactly is matched by the charisma and positive personality that television cameras catch with him on many shows. His character is so likable, that the online poker company, Pokerstars, gave him his own show where he gives poker contestants advice on how to play against celebrities and other professionals before they make it to the final round, playing against the man himself. The man leads an interesting, high stakes life, and happily remains candid with the world through twitter. The personality that people see on television is reflected here, but sometimes she writes as if he’s writing just for you.

I’ve seen the guy play in person too. He’s in a tournament with only three tables left. Whenever he had something to say to his loved ones waiting for him with the railbirds, tons of fans would try and ask for his autograph. Each time he would agree to sign something for them, and joked to one after looking at the poker table, “Well, sure, I’ll take a photo with you, it’s not like I’m busy!” From that point on, my friend and I agreed that he’s worth being a fan of.

3) Phil Hellmuth (phil_hellmuth):

If there’s one professional poker player that knows how to market himself well, it’s Phil Hellmuth. The man is simply fun to watch because you never know when his “poker brat” persona will come out. While not playing at a poker table, many have said that he’s a surprisingly friendly and charming guy, but if you meet him at a table, lookout. He will mumble what he’s thinking and feeling at the time, not caring how socially acceptable it is. And with that, people will watch him play. You will not find his “poker brat” attitude on his twitter account. What you will see, however, is another trait of his. His huge ego. But this is fun because he has a new toy he loves to play with. His camcorder on his iPhone. Phil will often post little video blogs and link them to his twitter account, showing the world what it’s like to live like him. You’ll see footage of him walking around in a luxurious hotel suite, or just filming behind the scenes clips of NBC’s Poker After Dark, and how there’s an actual process to film a poker game. For his videos alone, his twitter account is incredibly fun to follow.

4) Joe Sebok (JoeSebok):

Son of a legendary poker player, Barry Greenstein, Sebok used to play a ton of poker, but then decided to focus more on the media aspect of the card-playing community, creating A very popular central hub for tons of poker media, including exclusive footage from the life of Phil Ivey (whom many people consider to be the best living player today), he is a highly respected man. That is why he took a huge gamble on his credibility when signing up to be a sponsored pro with Ultimate Bet, currently trying to fix up their own credibility after a cheating scandal was revealed on their gaming site. Joe Sebok is pretty much telling the poker world that by signing up with Ultimate Bet, he’s going to make sure they’re willing to fix the bridge that they burned no matter at what cost. And if they don’t match his approval, then he’s out of there. And if that’s the case, then Ultimate Bet will never be as big as they could be, because of how respected Joe is in the poker world.

Currently, he’s working as a cohost for a new poker show, a poker news show, to be broadcasted on FoxSportsNet TV. Finally, after all of this is said and done, he is a co-host for a popular podcast that can be found on his site and even iTunes, PokerRoad Radio. The man is incredibly busy, has following surpassing one million, and his twitter account documents what it’s like to be as busy as him. Yikes.

5) The Tao of Poker’s Pauly (tarpaulin):

Now this guy is not a professional player like the other four, but decided to quit his Wall St. life to become a poker player and a writer. His websites, such as The Tao of Poker, are considered some of the best poker blogs that can be found online. He writes in the gonzo journalism format, which as many of you already know, was made popular by Hunter S. Thompson. Now, what if Hunter S. was a poker player? Well then, you’d get Pauly. His gambling stories are incredibly fun to read, with the gruff and brutally honest method of writing he chooses. So when you want more from him, you go to his Twitter account. He’ll let you know when his awesome blogs are updating, but you’ll see the gambler, journalist, insomniac, writer, world traveler, and junkie of who knows what else, update consistently on Twitter.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of people in the poker community that have a twitter account, sure, but hey. I highly enjoy these five. I’m not even sure I can consider them my personal top five, but they’re definitely up there.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more money to lose at 7-card stud.

Las Vegas Casinos and Very Tall Women

Very tall women had me glowering with envy during my recent trip to Las Vegas’ casinos. You could hear them talking about 토토사이트. If you’ve ever been to a Las Vegas casino on the Strip, you know how crowded they are; just throngs and throngs and mobs of people. Even with the current economy, the Las Vegas Strip casinos were pretty full — and that means tons of men in the 6-1 to 6-5 range. And many tall women as well. I’m considered a tall woman at 5-8. But my status as a tall woman is slowly disintegrating, as each decade brings forth taller and taller women on the planet.

Today’s grade school and adolescent girls are taller than ever, which means in 5-10 years, there will be even more tall women; that is, more women over 5-10. This all means that at the Las Vegas casinos, I wasn’t exactly a stand-out tall woman. I was, very unfortunately, only above average. And that STINKS. Yes, there are times when I’m in a crowd of women who top out at 5-4.

But in any popular Las Vegas casino, I’m at the bottom end of tall women, because I spotted quite a few women who had several inches on me. My first day at the Las Vegas casinos, I wore my Mudd boots with their 2 and seven-eighths heel, and a one-inch lift inside the heel, making me nearly six feet! And there were STILL women who were taller than me, and I don’t mean by just a tiny hair, either. It drove me nuts. Here I am, in uncomfortable boots all day long, seeing all these women’s heads higher than mine, and they were wearing sneakers or low-heeled shoes!

Las Vegas’ casinos — observe people of all sizes and girths. My feet became so uncomfortable (I hadn’t worn the boots in a very long time and made the mistake of wearing them out of the blue to the airport, standing for long periods, walking all over the place, standing in lines, etc.), that I had to switch to my sneakers, which have a one-inch lift in them. One woman after another loomed over me.

I had to keep reminding myself that I was taller than most of the women I passed or who passed me at the noisy Las Vegas casinos. But that was no consolation, because in any mob of men, I get dwarfed by them collectively. I’d see clusters of men over six feet tall, and feel so puny as I walked nearby, and fantasized that I was their height — their equal!

Las Vegas’ casinos — check out some outlandish clothes and hairdos of visitors. How could any tall women be self-conscious of their height? How can any tall women hate their height? How can any tall women wish they were shorter or “normal”? Are they mad? What woman in her right mind would prefer to be swallowed up by masses of men looming over them in crowded areas?

I’m happy to report that most of the tall women I saw at Las Vegas casinos were wearing high heels! I’d always check their feet, and was pleased that they were comfortable enough with their statuesque frames to wear the heels. One woman who was strikingly tall had on four-inchers! I spotted her at a casino restaurant and took to staring at the unbelievably long, ultra-thin legs, and a head nearly to the ceiling!

A busgirl noticed me staring and told me that the tall woman was a Sports Illustrated model. The woman must have been an easy 6-1 in stocking feet. She was one of many tall women proudly wearing high heels, including a hooker who towered over a group of fellow hookers. It’s not uncommon for hookers to enter Las Vegas’ Strip casinos at night and ask any well-to-do-looking man if he’d be interested in some company.

I walked right past this high-heeled hooker and I’d say her barefoot height was 5-10. I spotted about five women at various casinos wearing sneakers or loafers, who were easily 6-2. And then there was the flat-heeled woman on the train that transported people around at the airport, standing behind her husband. She was at least 6-2, possibly 6-3, the second tallest of all the people in that section of the train; what an enviable position she had! She also loomed over her 5-8 husband or boyfriend.

So, once again, after visiting Las Vegas casinos, I must proclaim my utter bewilderment over how it is that some tall women hate their height.

Electronic Gambling Bingo Halls Overpopulating Walker County, Alabama

In early 2007 the first “charity” bingo hall popped up in Argo, located between the city limits of Jasper and Sumiton. It was the most recent attempt to establish electronic gambling in Walker County after many before it had failed miserably. It soon became apparent to everyone that not only was there no bingo involved, just cheap Las Vegas-like electronic slot machines, not much if anything was going to charity or to the improvement of our community, for that matter.

Since the first bingo hall’s opening, many more have followed in the past 2 years and now there is more than 10 of these establishments in Argo alone, with a few popping up in Sumiton earlier this year. At this rate you can soon officially call our community “Bingo Nation”.

Many groups of people have protested the developments and the growth of electronic gambling in Walker County over the years. One group of people even held signs for several weeks at the city limit signs of Jasper and Sumiton saying such things as “5 miles to Hell”. Christian activist groups have actively battled the local government on the legality of electronic gambling in Walker since mid-2007.

The topic started to get hot earlier this year when the entire state held a vote to govern the bingo halls not only in Walker County but across the entire state, heavily taxing the ones that were indeed deemed legal while if the bill passed hundreds of the establishments would have been forced to shut down. In May the bill was voted on and did not pass.

But let’s be honest here, if proceeds were indeed going to charity, would anyone be so quick to pass judgment or protest? Probably not, proceeds would be going to a good cause. But we have yet to see any evidence that any money has been going anywhere but to the bingo halls’ greedy owners. And probably a little on the side to the Mayor of Argo, of course.

Some throw the fact that these bingo halls are bringing more jobs into the county but they can’t give the salary that much when compared to Sbobet which is an online site of gaming but has significant criteria for giving the staff salary higher. While that statement is true, it’s only a couple of hundred jobs if that maximum and does the paychecks of those couple of hundred people amount to the number of dollars that our towns and this county as a whole is losing in potential revenue for our legitimate businesses like our restaurants, department and grocery stores, car lots, etc. due to these low class scumballs hooking our county’s residents on the thrill of gambling and bleeding their wallets and pocketbooks dry?

At one point Walker County has to say enough is enough and get rid of these places. They are doing us no good. Only giving us a bad name, a tacky look, and an abysmal local economy.

AppGuides: Angry Birds Rio General Guide

Angry Birds had become a widely popular game among the huge market of apps on the iTunes app store. Its extremely cheap price point and high levels of addiction make it a must-buy for any iPod / Mac owner and its competitiveness for the 3-star race makes it even better for hardcore gamers. Angry Birds: Rio, happens to be the best version of the franchise thus far. This time around, you aren’t attacking and destroying green pigs. Instead, you are focusing on breaking the cages of other birds so that you can set them free. The premise is the same, but the general strategy this time around is only slightly different. Read my other guide here for information on how to use each individual bird for the highest chance of success. Since there aren’t any new birds as of yet (future updates excluded), writing an entire guide about the same thing is hardly necessary. Below will be a list of new ways to go about winning each level.

  1. Focus on the surroundings instead of the target this time around. There are plenty of boxes in the beginning stages especially, and they are extremely easy to break through. The red bird can fly through five or more boxes through one flight, so aim for the support underneath the birds cages rather than the birds themselves.
  2. Use that blue bird as accurately as you can. In Rio, the blue birds are probably one of the most effective of the crew. The spread damage really comes in handy with box filled levels, because the boxes are just so weak and all three birds could potentially destroy all or most boxes in one sling on some levels.
  3. The speed birds are already one of the strongest, so in this game, they are even more powerful because of the fragile nature of most of the barriers in the game.
  4. Bombs are pretty much invinisble in this installment. They do way too much damage. And the same goes for the white bird.
  5. If you have to aim for the birds cages, try to aim for them with either the red bird or the yellow bird. Using the blue bird on one cage isn’t really all that intelligent unless it is the only bird you have left (which can be the case in some situations)
  6. As a general rule, don’t give up on a level until you get three stars. Sounds boring and annoying, but unless you’re someone that just wants to breeze through the game for no apparent reason or you just don’t care about your score, you should try to get three stars per level.
  7. This should have been mentioned in my previous article (located here) but use those dots as a guiding line on situs judi casino online terpercaya because it already has the feature that lets the user to gain significant knowledge about the gambling. I know, shouldn’t even have to be mentioned right? Well, yea, it does. My girlfriend for one likes to aimlessly shoot based on her perception of where it will go, rather than evaluating where the bird went on the previous sling based off of the guiding lines, and actually using that to accurately decided where to shoot the birds next. It’s funny how many people don’t usually follow this general rule.

There are plenty of other things to mention about the game, and yes, there are also more strategies. But, at the time being, since the game is new and there are still many updates before the game is actually complete, this is all of the basic information you need to know about the game until future enhancements and strategies come out.