How Can You Get Success as a Poker Player?

Poker games are surely going to give you a lot of fun. However, if you want to become a professional poker player and want to earn profits from the poker tournaments, you need to know about the best strategies which can help you to win against your opponents. If you want to be a good poker player, apart from playing, you need to study the various games as well. The ratio of playing and studying should be kept at 80:20.

Play Different Types of Poker Game

To earn money quickly, you may play short stack poker games more. However, as a tournament player, you should also play deep stacks. In this way, you will learn about new tricks and rules of the various kinds of poker games. So, at a certain point of time, if your favorite poker game becomes obsolete, you can opt for another option easily.

Think Poker Career Like a Business

When you think your poker career like a business, it helps you to keep detailed records of all your losses and profits generated from the poker games. You will also start analyzing your playing statistics, which will help you to find out the flaws in your own game. Once you identify where you are doing wrong, it will be easier for you to fix the problem. 

Make the Good Players Your Teacher

When you start playing poker online, you should surely follow the right players. You should try to find out what these good players are doing to make their results better. You will thus be able to implement those tricks into your game easily. You will be able to learn new strategies and use them in your game more skillfully.

Evaluating Bad Beats

If you are a professional poker player, you need to find out about the bad beats, which is bringing bad luck to you. You can discuss about your bad beats with any of the stronger players and can seek suggestions from them. You should think deeply about the game. You have to find out the ways to improve the percentage of your winning. You can learn more from

Know 5 Effective Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

If you want to play a slot machine and win some easy money, then you should know some effective tips and tricks. Here are some effective tips that every beginner should know. 

  • Read the Rules

Most of the beginners do not read the rules before starting the game on a slot machine. This is where they make a mistake. There are different kinds of slot machines available, with each of them having different rules. Some machines want you to activate all the pay lines, and some machines do not need you to do that. 

  • Know Different Terms

There are different terms that you need to get acquainted before start placing your bets on the slot machine. You need to know information like slots generally have a higher edge than most of the games in casinos, and the house edge is nothing but the amount a casino makes from the wagers. 

  • Online bonuses

It is important for you to know about online bonuses that you are supposed to get. This is the prime difference between an online slot machine and land-based slot machines of casinos. In some online casinos, if you start playing with $500, then they can even offer you another $500 as a bonus. Collecting such a bonus will surely increase your winning chance. 

  • Slot’s Club

You are supposed to sign up for slot’s club before you start playing on online slot machines. Every beginner needs to say the least. Once you sign up, then you are to receive different exciting offers and rewards. 

  • Fewer Spins Per Hour

You should not fall in the trap of spinning slot machines as many times in an hour as possible. You instead need to spin fewer spins every hour; otherwise, the online casino will get some sure shot wager per every spin you make. You might win or might not; it is a matter of chance in slot online terpercaya, but the casino will keep getting their share of wager percentage.

How to Stream Content from Your Xbox 360 Console to Your Computer

Gamers worldwide have always wondered how they can transfer their best clips from their console to their computer to create a montage, or even stream content directly to a preferred website in a 먹튀. With this simple 4-step process you too can capture the image of your console and send it to your computer. However, before we start connecting things we need to have a couple of prerequisites.

What you’ll need:

Capture card (there are various different kinds of capture cards that vary in price. The Black Magic is often said to be the best and captures in HD and 720p.), VGA to RCA converter, a computer, a program such as Adobe Media Encoder, and audio splitters.

Step 1:

Now that we have everything we need, we can start connecting. The very first thing you need to do is to connect your capture card to your computer. Most capture cards also come with an installation CD-ROM. You should proceed to install it so your computer can begin to recognize the hardware. Once your capture card is connected to your computer, proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

This is where the VGA to RCA converter comes into play. To be able to stream you need to be able to, not only convert the VGA to the RCA but be able to split it, so it is also a dual splitter. Depending on the type of VGA to RCA converter you purchase you will need a male to male VGA cable. Connect the Xbox 360 VGA cable to the input of the VGA to RCA converter. Then from the output of the VGA to RCA converter connect the male to male VGA cable to the output of the converter, to the input of your monitor. This should now give you a regular image of your Xbox 360 on your monitor. If you can see your Xbox 360 you can now proceed to the last step.

Step 3:

This is probably one of the hardest steps, where most get confused. To get the Xbox 360 picture on your computer through S-Video you must connect an S-Video cable from the input of the VGA to RCA converter to the input of your select capture card. However, there is also another method other than S-Video to get pictures on your computer. You can use a male to male yellow RCA composite cable. This yellow cable comes with most VGA to RCA converters, which you should simply connect to the input of the converter to the input of your capture card. This is where the software you need to view if you have video comes into play. You should proceed to download Adobe Media Encoder, or any other video software to check if you have video. You can also download other software such as X-Split.

Step 4:

Depending on how you are routing your audio it all needs to meet up in the hub. Your computer hub that it. You need to get an audio splitter that can transfer in-game audio from your Xbox 360 to your computer. To do this you can simply purchase one at your local Best Buy store or you can purchase them online. You can then split your Xbox 360 audio from your Xbox to your computer and have sound coming out of your monitor, or headset to your computer.

Troubleshooting techniques:

If you are having any issues with getting the video to your computer it is most likely the S-Video cable or the composite cable. You should then proceed to check the wiring in the event of an incorrect connection. Be advised that not all of the required prerequisites come in one package. Some things need to be purchased individually.

Streaming has never been this easy. With this guide, you can quickly get tons of viewers to your website to show off your skills. You can also create and edit clips for an awesome montage!

Betting on Week 9 in the NFL

In Week 2 of the NFL season I adopted a new method for making my picks against the spread. Since that time I’ve picked just selected games that fit my criteria and I’ve posted a 27-12 record.

Last week I had my first week where I did not go over .500, posting a 2-2 mark behind the Raiders and Texans covering, while the Giants and Jaguars let me down (and embarrassed themselves in the process).


My picks for Week 9:

Miami (+10.5) vs. New England

Miami has been playing pretty well over the last 4 games. New England ran away from terrible Tennessee and Tampa Bay. The Dolphins should at least be able to keep the game close with their run game. The Patriots are middle of the pack when it comes to rushing defense, despite only allowing a combined 82 yards their past two.

Houston (+9) vs. Indianapolis

The Texans have won three straight and have one of the better offenses in the league. Not saying that the Colts will lose, but both the Colts and Saints need to lose at some point right? I see a game closer than 9 points.

Arizona (+3) vs. Chicago

These two teams are quite the enigmas. I’m going to say the Cardinals and Kurt Warner bounce back from last week’s woeful performance and pull it out against the Bears.

Green Bay (-10) vs. Tampa Bay

The Bucs really do have a legitimate shot at going 0-16. There might not be a line big enough for a Tampa Bay opponent to cover this year.

Detroit (+10) vs. Seattle

I’m not going to say anything good about the Lions after their display last week against St. Louis. But I’ve got them against the spread this week.

Dallas (+3) vs. Philadelphia

The Cowboys are rolling lately, and I think they’ll continue to do so. Since Donovan McNabb returned from injury the Eagles had not gotten the offense rolling – until last week against the Giants. But the Cowboys will defend the pass better than the Giants, who allowed a 146.7 QB rating to McNabb last week. And don’t look now, but Tony Romo has stopped turning over the ball at will.

Very odd that I happened to be very high on road teams this week, but maybe Vegas overinflated the lines for home teams this week? I can only hope. While waiting for the results, I would just play casino online games such as Dominoqq to entertain myself. This will help me to sway on the waiting time while waiting for the results.

Ohio Aims to Stop Electronic Gambling Machines

On Wednesday, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland signed an Executive Order aimed at stopping the flood of new electronic gambling machines in Ohio.

There has been a rise in the number of illegal gambling machines around the State of Ohio. The reason for the rise in illegal gambling machines comes from the current law not clearly defining what is and what is not a “skill-based amusement machine.”

This Executive Order authorizes Attorney General Marc Dann to implement a new administrative rule that will finally provide a usable definition for “skill-based amusement game.” This definition will give law enforcement authorities clear guidance on which machines are illegal gambling machines and which are amusement machines protected by Ohio law.

In a press release issued by the State of Ohio Governor Strickland notes that there has been an increase in individuals exploiting the ambiguity of the current provision in Ohio. The State of Ohio needs to design a law to protect amusement games like those at Chuck E. Cheese or Cedar Point which allow one to win small non-cash prizes.

These rules clearly defined the difference between playing a video game or arcade game and winning a small toy prize or playing a game that resembles a slot machine and receiving cash. Strickland vows that, “We are going to make the difference crystal clear through administrative rule until the legislature can take more permanent action.”

This new rule specifies that any skill-based amusement machines such as a mechanical or electronic game that awards merchandise prizes can not award cash. The game can not award vouchers for cash. This rule then goes on to say that any winnings from the machine will be based on skill alone. What this means is that the machine can not be set to give out a pre-programmed number or percentage of wins.

This rule also puts a clear dollar limit on the merchandise prizes for the skill-based amusement games that will be given away. The maximum prize for one game played at the skill based machine can not exceed a wholesale value of $10 or less.

There are already websites like https://bisadomino, where you can play casino games without leaving the comfort of your home. So wherever you are, with just a few click on your device and with an Internet connection, casino games are now accessible.

Several different amusement gaming venues such as Dave and Busters in Ohio have a voucher system where you play the skill based games for prizes that can exceed the $10 wholesale value. This is acceptable as long as one game does not give the winner vouchers that can be redeemed for a prize valued over the $10 limit. If you were to get a prize values at $20 wholesale limit you would need to have played at least two games.

Internet Poker is Worth Playing

There is a lot of talk going around about the wonders of Internet casinos, for instance, daftar situs slot, especially the slots. They are good but personally I prefer poker as a pastime. Internet poker is a lot of fun and the play is as realistic as you can get without being in Vegas or Atlantic City. Most of the Internet poker rooms are open to cash and non-cash players. Poker is a game of skill like no other, a lot of people think of poker as a game of chance but it takes real skills to know when to hold or fold. Reading the other players is also a different skill set. You may be wondering how it is possible to read a person you cannot see. It is not only possible but actually easier than reading a face. After a few hands, you get a feel for how the other person bets, and by remembering what they had previously when they took a chance or played it safe gives you a better idea of how to manipulate them in the game.

There are millions of Internet poker players and hundreds of rooms. These are Internet poker players from all over the world. In any given poker room you could be playing against people from Germany, Paris, Istanbul even China. This makes for some interesting chats, as some of the players are also fluent in English. Those who do not seem to follow along just fine as do I when I am playing against players speaking entirely in their language. The real beauty of the Microgaming program is that we each see the room and its components labeled in our native tongue. At least the Internet poker rooms I have visited are that way. The casinos get better with each upgrade. There is only one fault that I can find and that is that playing for real money in the United States is Illegal.

The legality issue seems to stem from the government’s inability to track and tax the winnings from Internet poker rooms. Most of the owners of these sites are from other countries. It will without a doubt be quite sometime before a system is designed to give the government the control it needs to police Internet casinos. They will have to create a whole new agency to keep track of the millions of players and the increasing number of Internet poker rooms. At present, the government has neither the manpower nor the funds for such an undertaking and thus its illegal. Although people know of its illegality there are some that will push the envelope and find ways to register to play for cash. There are ways around any stipulation if you are persistent enough to find it. These players are not very fearful of getting caught for the same reasons that the games are illegal. The chances are slim of getting caught. There is no agency that has been given the task of policing these sites. I heard a rumor that a friend had a relative overseas set his account up from there and he just logs on here and plays. Like I said it’s a rumor. There are advantages to playing for play money, maybe not as much as being able to win a big pot but they are there.

Some Internet poker rooms have what they call “freeroll” or “satellite” tournaments. The host allows the top players from the play money tables to play for a pot or a chance to go play at one of the live poker tournaments. Just recently a young man twenty-one years old won a chance to play in a live televised tournament. I have seen truck drivers from Middle America playing with the pros for a chance to win millions. That is my incentive. Start playing and you will find reasons to keep playing too.

Online Poker- Best Option for Breaking the Isolation Barrier

There is an underlying fact that if you take up gambling, then that means that you are a person with bad morals as it is normally associated with debauchery alongwith alcohol as it was a prevalent practice in the times of yore when it used to be the popular pastime of kings and vassals.

Then slowly it started evolving with the passage of time and in came the casinos that became the popular hub for gamblers all around and slowly started spreading across the globe having originated in the United States.

As we are entering a new month into the lockdown period, there is a sense of foreboding due to Covid-19 as everyone has been confined to their homes for quite some time now while others are using this opportunity to research new gambling websites online just to learn some new techniques.

Poker Party

When there is a discussion about gambling, it is impossible for poker to not pop up into the discussion as it is considered one of the most popular forms in truest sense that has been classified as a game changer in the field by

While the federal governments are conducting their procedures through video conferencing, the same can be followed by common folks where they can play poker through video streaming to break this barrier of isolation and it has turned out to be a success.

This proverbial online poker party has indeed set a trend that people are no longer missing going to casinos for a round of poker as this technique has more than made up for the loss.

The video calling app Zoom has become a hub for poker lovers all over the world where the best players can now get together for having regular bouts all around and it hopes to set an example for live casinos in due course.

Betfair Poker Private Home Games – What You Need To Know?

Betfair poker launched an own version of private home games. It allows players to set up exclusive games with friends and family. Well, these games are getting popular day by day due to worldwide lockdowns. With the help of betfair poker, players can maintain a connection with their long-distance friends as well as loved ones. A wide range of options are out there, and these games are also easy to set up. Most people are enjoying this new feature and giving positive feedback. 

If you want to know more about these private home games, then you should read the significant details provided in the below post. 

Availability of various formats 

When it comes to Betfair poker, you can get a wide selection of formats to choose from. These formats include rebuys, add-ons, and multi-table tournaments. With the help of private tournaments, you can play with your friends who are living far from your city. But it will help you to feel that you are competing live. During the game, you are allowed to do one video call that helps you see and interact with each other. It can also help to enhance your gambling experience. By taking part in these tournaments, you can earn points and win extra prizes.

Easy to set up 

With the help of, you can take part in several games based on poker to earn money. You can also create an account on Betfair poker to get access to its private games. You just need to send an email by including all the instructions, and then they will set up the game on your behalf. Your home games will get ready within 48 hours. You don’t need to make efforts to set up the games as the process is straightforward. 

Best Local Casinos in Las Vegas

Silverton Hotel  amp; Casino

3333 Blue Diamond Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89139

Phone: 702-263-7777

Reservations: 866-722-4608


Silverton Hotel  amp; Casino is one of my favorite local casinos to visit. They have ample parking and a parking garage, as well as they are attached to Bass Pro Shops too. So, if you are looking to go to a casino and do a little outdoor recreational shopping, then they are perfect to go to. They are always having plenty of local promotions when using your players card. Unlike casinos that are on the strip, they do cater to locals. The promotions are set up for locals by showing id and the machines actually pay out pretty well when gambling. They do have plenty of table games as well.

There are tons of restaurants to choose from, my favorite is the Seasons’ Buffet that offers a Sunday steak and crab leg brunch, with free drinks with the brunch. They serve mimosas and other champagne drinks. The servers are great and so is the food. Plus, it is never super busy and the wait to get in is usually only about 10 minutes at most.

If you’re looking for props like Poker Online, then the aforementioned casino is the perfect place to try out your hand but when it comes to restaurants, there is hardly any match for Seasons’ Buffet as you can get all sorts of delicacies apart from the ones mentioned above.

They do offer live entertainment and concerts as well. These are typically not huge name performers, however occasionally they do get those in too. Of course they also offer room specials throughout the year depending on the holiday or event that is taking place in Vegas at the time. There are also special room packages, such as Bass Pro Shopping package or wedding packages too.

Silverton Hotel  amp; Casino is not too far from the main strip either on Las Vegas Boulevard, it is about 10 minutes away. So, it is in an ideal location to get away from the strip traffic and commotion, while still being close enough when wanting to go down to the strip.

Southpoint Hotel  amp; Casino

9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89183

Phone: 702-796-7111

Reservations: 866-791-7626

Spa: 702-797-8030

Show Tickets: 702-797-8055

The Southpoint Hotel  amp; Casino is another great casino for locals, since it is also off the strip and there is a lot to do there. They do have a large movie theater, that does offer 3D movies as well. There are plenty of screens and rarely can you not get in to see the movie of your choice. They also do midnight showings as well of new movies that come out.

They do also offer a bowling allay and bingo room too. The movie theater, bowling allay and bingo hall are all up stairs away from the casino which is nice, because for the most part the casino noise can not be heard. Plus, most of the upstairs is non-smoking as well. The bowling allay has 64 lanes, a snack bar, lounge, pro shop, meeting rooms and a locker area. The bowling allay is very clean and easy to use and of course there is also a game room for kids right by it.

The Southpoint also offers a spa and salon also on site. There are plenty of different packages to choose from, as well as wedding packages and retreat choices too. They do offer different specials all the time as well. The nice part with the Southpoint is that they also have a huge pool area that does close in the winter, however it has plenty of different pool areas, plus wi-fi hot spot section, rentals, gazebos, pool side deli, bar and hot tubs too. The machines pay pretty well at the casino and there are always promotions happening here too. Plus, there are fast food restaurant and snack choices within the casinos, as well as a buffet, cafe and other restaurants. They do also do shows and concerts here as well.

A main difference with the Southoint compared to other casinos is that they have a full size arena and equestrian center too. So there are tons of outdoor events happening here, such as horse shows and competitions, RV super show, the glass and bead expo and more. This has become a common location in Vegas for many of these events to be held at because of the state of the art design and the location. The Southpoint is about 15 to 20 minutes away from the main strip.

Santa Fe Station Hotel  amp; Casino

4949 North Rancho Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Phone: 702-658-4900

Reservations: 800-6-STATIONS

Texas Station Gambling Hall  amp; Hotel

2101 Texas Star Lane

North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032

Phone: 702-63-1001

Reservations: 800-6-STATIONS

Fiesta Hotel  amp; Casino

2400 North Rancho Drive

North Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Phone: 702-631-7000

Reservations: 800-6-STATIONS

Santa Fe Station, Texas Station and The Fiesta are all part of the Station Casinos enterprise. So they are all very similar in many ways. Each casino is set up almost identically no matter what part of town the casino is located in. They for the most part have all the same fast food restaurants to eat at, the names of the buffets and restaurants do change, however they are all very similar. Each is located for the most part of the strip and within the community, because they really are a local casino.

Both the Santa Fe and Texas Station offer bowling allays, along with Kids Quest. Kids Quest is a baby sitting service located within the casino and children are supervised for a maximum of 4 hours while in there. They are actually very secure and the Kids Quest are typically located right by the movie theater and bowling allay. Parents do need to have shot records typically for their children, however parents can pay extra for snacks and drinks for their children too.

The Santa Fe and Texas Station do offer bars and lounges, as well as movie theaters too. There are arcades attached to the movie theaters as well. Of course there is plenty of dining too, buffets, restaurants and cafes.The Santa Fe has been more recently remodeled, so it is much more modern looking and up to date.

The interesting part with the Fiesta Hotel and Casino is that they do offer an ice arena in the casino. They do have restaurants, buffets, bars and lounges as well, however they are a much smaller casino. Both the Santa Fe and Texas Station do have show rooms and provide concerts and bands there. The Fiesta does offer live performances, just in a smaller setting.

Gambling is Up 10% in Most Casinos in the St. Louis Area

Gambling has never held much of an attraction for me. I guess you could say that the thrill of occasional victory isn’t worth the agony of defeat. I used to work at the racetrack. My family and I lived over there one summer when my stepfather got a job training horses there, but even then I watched the races every night, but rarely ever bet on them.

I did develop a system for betting on the horses when I lived at the track. First of all, never bet on the odds on favorite. They don’t pay anything if they win. Instead take the number 2 horse and bet him to place. You also might throw in a long odds horse just in case the number 2 odds horse doesn’t place.

The last time I went to a casino was the brand new one downtown; Lumi√®re Place. A couple of things I noticed was that they don’t have any slot machines that take coins anymore. You have to load up your card and then insert it into a slot on the machine like a credit card. And playing has become a lot more complicated, with all kinds of lines and arrows instead of the straightforward three cherries.

The one-armed bandit has also become a no-armed bandit. The slot machines don’t have the arms anymore. The video poker has also changed. The machines no longer deal you a 5 card hand and it plays a lot like 21 instead of poker.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, “gambling is up 10 percent this past year at casinos in St. Louis. According to the Post, “much of the increase was due to October having five weekends – casino business often spikes in five-weekend months – but it may also reflect the impact of the slowly-improving economy and the removal of Missouri’s $500 loss limit.”

The Post also says that: “Business grew at the region’s three busiest casinos – Ameristar in St. Charles, Harrah’s in Maryland Heights and Lumi√®re Place downtown – while falling at the other three: Argosy Alton, Casino Queen, and the President. In all, casinos brought in $87.4 million in gambling revenue in the month.”

Aside from physical casinos, the rise of poker online gaming activities is also noticeable. According to studies, a lot of players are now starting to play poker at the comfort of their home through online gambling sites. 

And now we are in a huge controversy about building another casino on the riverfront on a stretch of undeveloped property in north St. Louis. The property lies in a flood plain and also in one of the poorest areas of the city. Since people who don’t have a lot of money like to gamble a lot, building at that site is sure to increase gambling, but is this necessarily a good thing?