Play Online Poker With Bitcoin – The Benefits

Poker players from around the world are flocking to Bitcoin poker platforms, and there’s a few reasons why it really makes sense:

Here’s why people are moving from traditional poker platforms to Bitcoin poker:

When you play Bitcoin pokerJudi Bola Online re complete information on the poker player, including name, email, addresses, phone numbers and often require the user to upload images of their private documents such as ID and passport. Bitcoin poker avoids this and lets you play poker fast, without the lengthy signups.

At Betcoin, users can sign up with a username, password and email. This is a far less lengthy process than fiat poker competitors.

At poker sites and sportsbooks such as Nitrogen Sports, or Anonibet, users can play without the need for any account at all. Simply place your bets and receive funds to the wallet of your choice upon completion of the bet.

  • No need to signup with a payment processor after logging into online poker

Part of the timely login and signup processes for most poker platforms and online sportsbooks is the hassle of finding a payment processor that offers reduced fees and doesn’t require a timely signup. This can be hard to find when each processor is catering to banks in specific regions… Unfortunately this restricts the poker tables to areas around the world and really limits the userbase.

With Bitcoin poker, users do not rely on a payment processor, as Bitcoin transactions are conducted from your PC or mobile device to your online Bitcoin poker wallet. This saves fees, time and allows you to play more poker.

  • Less withdraw restrictions, like daily limits or fees

Withdraw restrictions on popular poker platforms have been restricting the limits you can withdraw at one time and that could create a problem for you. When playing higher value ring games and cash tables, users often get finances locked on the platform limited to $3,000 daily withdraw, or less.

This is a problem that simply doesn’t exist with the best Bitcoin poker rooms. Bitcoin poker tables are subject to far less restrictions and your wallet balance provides more liquidity than traditional platforms.

Using poker platforms such as Betcoin allows users to trade Bitcoin for litecoin, BCash and ether with ease. Simply deposit with the currency of choice and withdraw another cryptocurrrency to satisfy your trading needs. Who needs a Bitcoin exchange when you can do it in the comfort of your poker account.

  • Play Bitcoin poker anywhere in the world

Bitcoin poker opens game play to global audiences. That means you will find players from around the world, all on one platform. A lack of player and banking restrictions removes typical barriers to entry that sites such as Party Poker and Pokerstars impose on players. Expand your gameplay to tables that feature players from all around the world.

Card game poker play casino poker – How to play and win?

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For further information, a click can be made at site. The playing strategies can be prepared based on the information provided at the site. The selection of the poker room and table should be made where the strategies can be implemented with excellence and skills. 

How & why is Tagpoker free? What’s the catch?

If you’re like 99% of people that think this site is either too good to be true or want to know ‘what the catch is’ as surely this can’t all be free? Let us explain.

The reason this site is free and we don’t ask for any sort of joining fee or monthly subscription is because we make our money in several ways.

Firstly we sell advertising space and the only way we can sell advertising is by having traffic and we only have traffic if the site is worth visiting.

Secondly we are affiliates with most poker rooms and work to make sure we get our members the best poker bonuses and rakeback deals that are available online. For each member (like every site) we make a small commission.

Thirdly we have deals set up with a few poker rooms that pay a small fee towards Brokerstars training course which has helped lots of people become winning players and make a lot of money. We are most proud of this deal because it really is a way to help players with small bankrolls get one to one coaching that they probably couldn’t of afforded otherwise which is a win, win, win situation for everyone involved.

So there really is no catch. We’re not claiming to be a charity, there is clearly a lot in it for us and it’s in our interests to be the best at training players to beat the games. All of these reasons are why we continue to bring you the best poker training videos possible.

This site is not a get rich quick scheme and we are not promising you millions if you ‘download our secret strategy documents’. Instead what we can assure you of is that if you work really hard and study all of the material that these proven winning players have put up then the only limit to how much you can earn is one that you limit yourself to.

Most of you may want to know more about the sites lead instructor ‘Brokerstar’ before getting too involved in the site which is fine so read about him below.

Here’s a little background on me and the site. I started off playing poker over five years ago and like most I was a pretty huge losing player to start off with.

After deciding that I was fed up losing I bought a book called Super system and read everything in it on no limit holdem. After this I started to easily beat my friends in home games and thought I was now a poker god.

I decided to take my newly found skills online and thought this is where I’d make my millions. Sadly for me I knew nothing about bankroll management and found myself sitting in NL400 games with only a $600 deposit.

I clearly remember the moment that I lost $400 when I got it all in with QQ and came up against KK. I felt sick and stopped playing for a while then when I came back, took the rest of my now $200 roll and started playing NL100 (50c/$1 blinds). You can guess what happened, I lost it all in a couple of days with a combination of playing bad and being hugely under rolled for the games I was sitting in.

Now I felt a little upset and started to question my poker playing skills. It was then that I decided I wanted to know everything I could about No limit holdem. I went and bought just about every good book that I could get my hands on and read them cover to cover. I soon started to amass a bankroll playing in the right games for my budget and basically becoming much more aware of what I was doing.

On my journey to improve as a player I started to join poker training sites where I’d watch videos of some of the worlds best players and make pages and pages on notes, constantly trying to understand more why they were doing what they were doing and really grasp the concepts. When I felt that I wanted to improve even faster I employed a poker coach.

The first coach to help me was a guy called Bill Seymour. The reason that I chose him was simply due to the fact that he helped Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey early on in their poker careers, both of which are players that I admired. Whilst his training was certainly helpful it was quite expensive and involved me making long distance calls to America (before I discovered Skype).

The next guy to help me out was an instructor for Cardrunners. His name was Alex Yen or ‘Zaitzef’. I chose Alex as I was really impressed with his videos and how well he articulated his thoughts. He did a great job at helping me with my online, 6 max game. At the time I was playing as a prop player for a small euro site and this helped me crush the games I was playing.

I started to take an interest in heads up poker but sadly as a prop player I was not allowed to play heads up cash games (I have no idea why, it was just the rules). It later turned out that heads up SNG’s were ok for props to play and so I started goading the fish at my table to play me in the format. It was away for me to have the fish to myself and take them away from the other props (which I’m sure they didn’t like).

I really loved playing heads up and wanted to become the best that I could be. As I was only playing fish I seemed to be naturally small balling and just killing them when I had big hands and although this seemed simple enough I had some issues with the more aggressive players. This is when I decided to look for a specialist heads up SNG coach and I wanted one that seemed to play as I did and that’s when I discovered Paul Collins aka ‘Cogdissonance’. After just a few hours with him working out my glaringly obvious leaks I went on to really crush it and found that I enjoyed this format of the game more so than any other.

I make most of my money these days by training other players. I really love to teach and get much more ‘job satisfaction’ than simply playing. If I’m producing poker videos that actually get people crushing the game, then what better advert for my coaching services?

After watching the training videos , when people start to see real results and feel that I can help them with their game then they can be confident about investing their time and money into me.

This is why training videos are so important so as to understand the gist of the game especially a highly advanced venture like Poker Online that would give you a training of a lifetime for preparing for a nice and long game because poker is one that keeps getting better and better as the levels increase with the ultimate showdown being in the climax.

I found that hiring a coach for many is a huge decision and there are far too many coaches that either have no evidence of their playing and coaching skills or charge what I consider a crazy amount of money for their time with some coaches being over $500/ hour for higher stakes training and even at the low stakes the rates quite often start at $80/ hour.

If you want to know more about my coaching then watch the short video below and look at some of the options underneath that.

There’s plenty of info on Tagpoker to help you replicate Brokerstars bankroll challenge results. However, if you want to be able to learn in a few short hours what often takes people months or even years to master then look into either coaching option below.

Brief review of

You are playing online texas Hold’em and got dealt in K of clubs and Ten of hearts. What if you have called the hand and the flop comes with one of your cards and an inside straight draw showing.

Is it worth betting,calling or even raising or reraising? It all depends on the odds you are getting for the situation you are faced with, how your opponents are playing and how you are playing. Do you take all this information into account in a split second, never making one mistake, never saying who cares I take a gamble and chase the inside straight against all odds maybe I get lucky like this punk who just beat my two aces to hell with his runner-runner straight too. This is where you need a pokerbrain program for.

To know all the right answers and to prevent you from making the wrong play by not knowing the real odds and/or being on tilt!! PokerBrains are software programs that instantly inform you what the best course of action is to be taken with the poker hand you have been dealt in with. It is like having an expert player sitting next to you telling you what to do in every poker hand situation you encounter.

These pokerbrains are able to real-time capture from the online poker table you are sitting at the hand you have been dealt in, how many players have been dealt in, how many players have folded,called or raised/reraised pre-flop. Then when it is your turn the pokerbrain tells you what to do with your hand.

Is it worth calling or just muck this hand and wait for the next one. The pokerbrain runs smoothly next to your pokerclient. When your hand is dealt it is able to capture your cards by reading it from the pokerclient. It also reads your position relative to the button and the blind bets. It further reads how many opponents have been dealt cards also. Who has folded, called, raised or re-raised his hand pre-flop.

When it is your turn the pokerbrain looks in his pre-programmed profile what the best course of action should be. This action can be based by comparing the amount of money in the pot and the win chance your hand have. Or even more advanced it knows from a pre-programmed playing profile what to do exactly with the hand you have been dealt with. He can do that pre-flop, on the flop turn and river.

When the flop is dealt he includes and compares these three community cards with your hand and re-calculate and re-evaluate your hand strength and what to do with it. The same for the turn and river. It is an amazing kind of software. This poker software is in use by the serious player who makes good money playing online poker.

Day in day out. By using the poker brain he always knows the proper odds and it prevent him from being on tilt, thus playing against the odds. Because the online poker player gets a lot of hands dealt per hour it is imperative that this way of playing will make him money in the long run.

Some pokerbrains have even an amazing feature called strategy profiling. It makes it possible for you to define every situation with an optimum strategy decision table by yourself or supplied by third party profilers to even go beyond the standard play. By purchasing or designing the right profiles you have unlimited control and power over your opponents at the pokertable It has all kind of columns and special setting where you define for instance when I have AA I always raise no matter what position.

When I have AT off-suit and it is raised and re-reraises I fold but when no one opens and I sit on the button with AT, I raise myself to pick up the blinds. Or when i have a small pair i fold it except when i have 5 callers or more. This and all imaginable situation can be defined in the profile sections of the pokerbrains. How about including in a profile that says if everyone check on the flop and turn and river and I have only two opponents against me and they are so tight players that surely they do not have anything I bluff bet and pick up the pot scenario. Yes, pokerbrains can bluff to if the profile has defined it.

Yes, pokerbrains can slow play your full house on the flop, Yes, pokerbrains can check raise your top pair to thin out the field.Yes, you can define this to do it only 50% of the time or never when my opponent are so tight that maybe I should just bet out instead hoping for check-raise.

All this and more can be defined in the profiles strategy sections of the pokerbrains. Amazing isn’t it! One major benefit of using this pokerbrains also is you become so much faster an expert player, in no time. Oh, you like tournament play instead of cash game. No problem these pokerbrains have the ability to adjust accordingly. Are you playing heads-up in a sit’n’go tournament the pokerbrain loads the head-up profile and starts outplaying your opponent. You as an online pokerplayer should become profound in using the software program to enhance your online poker profits. But is it legal is it not cheating? No, it is not. You do not cheat.

Remember you only get to see your own cards and the community cards. No hole cards of your opponents are displayed. At least not during play. Some poker brains have the ability to retrieve after a showdown the mucked hands against the winning hands.

By this you can quickly even further learn how and what your opponents are playing. There is no information revealed by the pokerbrains that can not be revealed or calculated by yourself. It has no unfair-advantage over other players. Playing online poker with your friend sitting next to you and discussing what to do with your hand is also no problem for the poker sites and is done most of the time anyway.

It is fun and both learn from each other during the play. And your friend is a pokerbrain nothing wrong with that. 😉 This is in short the essence of a pokerbrain software program. If you need more explanation or other information feel free to join our forum where everything relevant is discussed of the pokerbrain topic and beyond. You can contact us also by email for further questions: The best reviews should be checked for the participation in the leagues to get the benefit. At Judi online site, the playing experience of the poker players is great to meet with the requirements and interest. There is an enhancement in the bank account while playing at the website. 

Did you know that the primary reason most poker players loose their bankroll is because they do not fold, call or raise according to the proper odds! With a pokerbrain you always know the odds every time and all the time!! Did you know that the second most important reason poker players loose their bankroll is because they are playing on tilt after a few meaningless bad beats! With a pokerbrain you always play without being on tilt every time and all the time!!

No download poker basic data

As you begin to read through this informative no download poker newsletter, let each point a possibility to register before you continue to the following. 

 The winning possibility during cyber pokeronline game is the same as losing. Chance has its role involved in this card game, although the speculation, mathematics, money and body language is not less significant within this pastime. Though, a lot of persons in on line pokergame room don`t understand this and are positive that the most important factor. Cyber pokeronline game shall be an exhilarating game. Since it`s played in opposition to other players and not in opposition to the house, it is as well possible for a player to win in it with time. Though, at all times remember to leave your virtual pokergame self assurance in check. First, the vast majority of competitors which participate in onlinepoker do not win. For a player to gain victory at internet card room, someone also must lose. According to what you have seen by now, determine whether this no download poker publication has helped with some of the questions that you had on this uneasy branch. 

 The most valuable tells at pokergame on the net swing in the vicinity of betting speed. The easiest ones to acquire are the “dramatic stop” clues. A lasting pause before a gamble commonly tells the internet casinopoker site gambler is strong, and needs you to believe he is weak. An extended pause before a check usually means a poor deal. This player either wants you to check so he might get a free card, or wants you to reason he has a good enough deal to “think” of betting. You should rarely be check-raised by anyone who took a long time to check, it is not an usual betting habit. When check-raising many participants want everything to seem as regular as attainable to help make sure you would make a bet before they bounce the entrapment. When you do receive a check-raise by a participant who stopped solidly before the first check, be really cautious.You must arrive at the casino pokeronline website tournament with a free mind, be attentive plus involved. In case you have an annoyance, or are weighed down with troubles, you`re having a disadvantage so must not perform. Be aware of, for example, how pokergames on the web competitors put their chips into the pile – do they throw them with aggression or do they place them lightly? Such little signs form an image. Succeeding to read this insight should give you the upper hand. Be very observant of how netpoker competitors respond to bets. Some will be very not careful. Others might be extremely, very adjustable? Calling every gamble.

Act to allocate who the skillful internet pokerroom participants are and who the poor participants are. Don`t worry about the little distinctions to a great extent. You will not have enough time to really recognize the skillful performers. Nevertheless just knowing that they are high-quality and also considering their wagers will do a lot to enhance your profit. While the night wears on you will perhaps be capable to know who of the poor participants are not cautious and might be bluffed and who are very floppy. Do not get frightened to increase. The less poker opponents that are within the pot with you, the more tending you have to get to bring up instead of call. Usually the wisest move is to raise, 2nd best is to exit and the worst action is to call. The exception is at the time when appear to be a lot of other card room site participants for the pot. In this case the odds are that someone has a high-quality hand. In this case you may fold your medium hands and also equal by good draws.

However when you receive the draw, don`t play it slow. Raise! Once the time arrives at on line pokercasino site that you`re owning the unbeatable deal ascertain you make the pokeronline performers pay well to see it. We expect that the studying of this text dealing with the subject of no download poker was a good experience from your perspective. Our experts attempted to craft it to be brief and also accurate and still covering every one of the aspects of the nature of no download poker. In case you use the major word of the topic of this no download poker text on one serious search engine, you would have a variety of web pages. Some online websites are not offering the download software facility to the players. The players should compare the options available with the websites to get the enjoyment in playing games. While playing card games at Jasahoki88 site, the software compatibility should be checked for the card games.

Inside Betonline Poker Review Shared!

Poker room review from our lead instructor (Brokerstar) who plays there.

Why do I play at Betonline? is first and foremost an online sports book that has been running for over ten years with a fantastic reputation in the online gaming business. So I feel comfortable that they have been around a while and are not some fly by night company.

The Betonline poker room is a very recent addition to their online gambling company. Their aim is to simply give their sports book and casino customers more wagering options and so they haven’t joined a huge and established poker network which means that there are far less sharks lurking about.

Betonline also accept American players, which is a huge plus (especially if you play between 11pm – 5am UK time) and best of all as most of their traffic does come directly from their online casino and sports book, the players are always up for a good gamble (sometimes with any two cards).

So what does that mean for new poker players thinking about joining Betonline?

Betonline is a breeding ground for inexperienced and unskilled opponents who love to gamble. It is not uncommon to watch people get all their chips in pre flop with A2 ‘suited’ at stakes of NL50 and NL100 as if it were a freeroll tournament.

In this review I will show you exactly how to find the fish, why players here are so inexperienced and how you can easily get involved. The reviews of online poker site can be checked at for the participation in leagues and tournaments. The players are provided with a better experience while playing the card games. The card games should be played with intelligence and skills to improve the cash rewards at the table. 

Be sure to watch my short video below to get a first hand look at exactly how easy the cash games here are to beat.

Why Are The Other Players At Betonline So Bad At Poker?

The BetOnline poker room is fairly new and therefore quite small but nearly all off the traffic comes from the sports book. It’s not that they are any less intelligent people just uneducated in how to make money playing poker

Also due to the deposit bonus not being as huge as some other rooms, you’ll often find that many of the more skilled players choose to play on other poker sites which leaves this poker site predominantly full of fish.

There are two major ways to quickly spot bad players, let me talk you through them.

The easiest way to establish how soft a table is, is to look at the percentage of players that see the flop (flop%). Most tight tables are 15-23%, loosish tables 24-30%, super soft whale fish tables are over 30%.

Below you can see a screen shot taken some micro stakes games recently and to see higher sake lobbies then just click on the picture and visit the lobby yourself.

The second way to target the fish is at the tables. In cash games, skillful players know to keep their stacks topped up to 100 blinds at all times to make sure they maximize their potential profit on any one hand.

Fish on the other hand can often be found sitting with under 100 blinds in their stack. You want to get these players sat on your right. Below is a typical picture of how easy the fish are to find on this site.

I opened an NL50 table(25c/50c blinds $50 full stack) at and took a screen shot. Then I highlighted the fish as green and even the yellow player, who could be a short stacker is likely a fish too although I couldn’t be 100% certain unless I sat down and played him.

Don’t take my word for it, download the free software and have a look for yourself. If you like how many fishy players you see at the tables then make a deposit and start playing today, before the games get tougher.

There are so many deposit and withdrawal options at Betonline that you really are spoiled for choice. I personally use Moneybookers for all of my depositing and withdrawing although there is a $20 fee for withdrawing using this option, I like it as it’s nice and fast. On average it takes about 2-3 days from requesting a cash out to having the money in my MB account. I also now stake several players at Betonline that also have had no issue quickly getting money on and off of the site (again using moneybookers).

Tips You can Apply to Add Momentum to Your Online Casino Business

Online Casino Business is on the rise. It does call for a lot of attention as money seems to be floating affluently in this line of business. There is an elevated level of glamour and attraction in this business. However, if you want to make it big in this industry, you will need to know the rules which you should play by. 

Initiate With Some Sound Planning 

Just like any professional game, online casino business requires a significant quantity of planning from your side. You need to understand the demographics of your target niche. Accordingly, you will have to come out with adequate marketing measures. 

Study Your Audience 

Before you launch your online casino website, you should study the demand for such services among your target audience. Understand features they would like to envision in your casino. 

Learn and Understand Your Competition 

If you are serious about having some quick flourish in this business, you will have to learn what your competitors are doing. That’s precisely how you will be able to get the right branding techniques in practice. 

Learn the Regulations of the Market 

Finally, don’t you forget to grasp the crucial regulations of the market that you seek to penetrate? Understand the rules and forge ahead. 

Create Personalized Offers 

If you have to make sure that you can coax as many people as you can, then it’s better that you start considering the essentials related to some personalized offers and gifts. You can count on these methods as they never fail to catch the attention of the desired consumer segments. 

You can effectively reach your goals in the precinct of the online casino games business and especially in the Pkv Games Online, provided you tag along with the advanced tips which have been shown here for your guidance. Understand the fundamental rules and move ahead with a promising career in the online casino games business. 

Online Casino – What To Look For The Best Fit?

Casinos are the most common interests of people. It helps them to recreate and take a break from life. With a shift to online culture, casinos have made a shift from the traditional spaces to online platforms. Slot Online Indonesia is a platform for all the casino lovers in Indonesia. Providing with the best-fit services, they never fail to mesmerize the players with their features, reliability, and security. With a large crowd waiting to play the game of casinos, it is essential to look for the right platform. 

What to expect from the best-fit online casino?

Apart from providing service anytime and anywhere, online casinos have a lot many features to look at before choosing. The features to look into are the following:

  • Variety is a must glance for before choosing a platform. Higher the number of games or diversity, the higher is the percentage of recreation. 
  • A legal website is a must-look for before choosing a platform for online casinos. A legally approved site has a lesser chance of fraud, especially when playing with money. 
  • The best fit website must seek information about the players, along with their document verification. They must also have several and secure payment gateways looking at the need of people. 
  • An online casino should offer frequent bonuses, should be alluring to eyes and mind, and should create an environment that one can feel elated and call home. 

Online casinos do not just come with a platform to spend time on, but they bring with themselves the power to choose, socialize, recreate, and rejuvenate. It is, therefore, vital to check onto the platforms and choose the one that not just benefits, but also make a person carefree about the emotions they subsidize in the people they meet, and the finance that they invest in bidding for a particular game. 

How Can You Get Success as a Poker Player?

Poker games are surely going to give you a lot of fun. However, if you want to become a professional poker player and want to earn profits from the poker tournaments, you need to know about the best strategies which can help you to win against your opponents. If you want to be a good poker player, apart from playing, you need to study the various games as well. The ratio of playing and studying should be kept at 80:20.

Play Different Types of Poker Game

To earn money quickly, you may play short stack poker games more. However, as a tournament player, you should also play deep stacks. In this way, you will learn about new tricks and rules of the various kinds of poker games. So, at a certain point of time, if your favorite poker game becomes obsolete, you can opt for another option easily.

Think Poker Career Like a Business

When you think your poker career like a business, it helps you to keep detailed records of all your losses and profits generated from the poker games. You will also start analyzing your playing statistics, which will help you to find out the flaws in your own game. Once you identify where you are doing wrong, it will be easier for you to fix the problem. 

Make the Good Players Your Teacher

When you start playing poker online, you should surely follow the right players. You should try to find out what these good players are doing to make their results better. You will thus be able to implement those tricks into your game easily. You will be able to learn new strategies and use them in your game more skillfully.

Evaluating Bad Beats

If you are a professional poker player, you need to find out about the bad beats, which is bringing bad luck to you. You can discuss about your bad beats with any of the stronger players and can seek suggestions from them. You should think deeply about the game. You have to find out the ways to improve the percentage of your winning. You can learn more from

Know 5 Effective Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

If you want to play a slot machine and win some easy money, then you should know some effective tips and tricks. Here are some effective tips that every beginner should know. 

  • Read the Rules

Most of the beginners do not read the rules before starting the game on a slot machine. This is where they make a mistake. There are different kinds of slot machines available, with each of them having different rules. Some machines want you to activate all the pay lines, and some machines do not need you to do that. 

  • Know Different Terms

There are different terms that you need to get acquainted before start placing your bets on the slot machine. You need to know information like slots generally have a higher edge than most of the games in casinos, and the house edge is nothing but the amount a casino makes from the wagers. 

  • Online bonuses

It is important for you to know about online bonuses that you are supposed to get. This is the prime difference between an online slot machine and land-based slot machines of casinos. In some online casinos, if you start playing with $500, then they can even offer you another $500 as a bonus. Collecting such a bonus will surely increase your winning chance. 

  • Slot’s Club

You are supposed to sign up for slot’s club before you start playing on online slot machines. Every beginner needs to say the least. Once you sign up, then you are to receive different exciting offers and rewards. 

  • Fewer Spins Per Hour

You should not fall in the trap of spinning slot machines as many times in an hour as possible. You instead need to spin fewer spins every hour; otherwise, the online casino will get some sure shot wager per every spin you make. You might win or might not; it is a matter of chance in slot online terpercaya, but the casino will keep getting their share of wager percentage.