AppGuides: Angry Birds Rio General Guide

Angry Birds had become a widely popular game among the huge market of apps on the iTunes app store. Its extremely cheap price point and high levels of addiction make it a must-buy for any iPod / Mac owner and its competitiveness for the 3-star race makes it even better for hardcore gamers. Angry Birds: Rio, happens to be the best version of the franchise thus far. This time around, you aren’t attacking and destroying green pigs. Instead, you are focusing on breaking the cages of other birds so that you can set them free. The premise is the same, but the general strategy this time around is only slightly different. Read my other guide here for information on how to use each individual bird for the highest chance of success. Since there aren’t any new birds as of yet (future updates excluded), writing an entire guide about the same thing is hardly necessary. Below will be a list of new ways to go about winning each level.

  1. Focus on the surroundings instead of the target this time around. There are plenty of boxes in the beginning stages especially, and they are extremely easy to break through. The red bird can fly through five or more boxes through one flight, so aim for the support underneath the birds cages rather than the birds themselves.
  2. Use that blue bird as accurately as you can. In Rio, the blue birds are probably one of the most effective of the crew. The spread damage really comes in handy with box filled levels, because the boxes are just so weak and all three birds could potentially destroy all or most boxes in one sling on some levels.
  3. The speed birds are already one of the strongest, so in this game, they are even more powerful because of the fragile nature of most of the barriers in the game.
  4. Bombs are pretty much invinisble in this installment. They do way too much damage. And the same goes for the white bird.
  5. If you have to aim for the birds cages, try to aim for them with either the red bird or the yellow bird. Using the blue bird on one cage isn’t really all that intelligent unless it is the only bird you have left (which can be the case in some situations)
  6. As a general rule, don’t give up on a level until you get three stars. Sounds boring and annoying, but unless you’re someone that just wants to breeze through the game for no apparent reason or you just don’t care about your score, you should try to get three stars per level.
  7. This should have been mentioned in my previous article (located here) but use those dots as a guiding line on situs judi casino online terpercaya because it already has the feature that lets the user to gain significant knowledge about the gambling. I know, shouldn’t even have to be mentioned right? Well, yea, it does. My girlfriend for one likes to aimlessly shoot based on her perception of where it will go, rather than evaluating where the bird went on the previous sling based off of the guiding lines, and actually using that to accurately decided where to shoot the birds next. It’s funny how many people don’t usually follow this general rule.

There are plenty of other things to mention about the game, and yes, there are also more strategies. But, at the time being, since the game is new and there are still many updates before the game is actually complete, this is all of the basic information you need to know about the game until future enhancements and strategies come out.