All About Casino Us

Ever since casino’s inception, Las Vegas has been the Jerusalem of casinos. About 74 casinos are there varying from cheap to popular casinos, to luxurious casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. If someoneisnot just looking for gambling but also some luxurious top-notch resorts in US than Las Vegas is the perfect place for the person.

The United States is the biggest economy and most developed country in the world with Las Vegas being the gold standard for topnotch casinos across the globe where you can try out games ranging from blackjack to Russian roulette that are more useful for players than getting free football tips because this is a game of destiny where you win and lose at an equal level.

Casino US found its name from world’s richest country, whose casinos are verypopular over the globe that is USA. Even its name depicts casino from USA, it welcomes players and money from all countries andas it accepts US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, South African rand, the pounds and also euro currencies. Casino US is member of a very reputed Partner Group of Vegas and got license by “Kahnawake Gaming Commission”. Casino US is affiliated from “eCOBRA” that is an industrial association launched by “Price Water Cooper” and “Micro-gaming”organizations.

Casino US uses software from micro-gaming for games that is one of the primmest and the most reputable software for gaming. The new “Viper Micro-gaming” software is being used, which is latest version and has a lot more fresh features over the older version of the software like auto-play, view game statistics, show game strategies etc. This software provides the base for a large collection of games and in which new games are being added day by day.

Casino US consists of more than 200 games including traditional games of casino and also contemporary games. Games are categorized under headings as progressive jackpots, table games, video slots,video poker and reel slots etc. The video and sound quality of casino US is excellent that gives the feel like in some real casino. The rules are very easy to understand and so simple.Navigation system gives the smooth transition while switching from game to game.